10 Ways to Sell Affiliate Products (That Work In ANY Niche!)

Are you a new blogger looking to make extra money with your blog through affiliate marketing? Do you know what the best ways to sell affiliate products are? Here are 10 ways to sell affiliate products! Plus, get my list of over 40 profitable and high paying affiliate programs for all bloggers (in ANY niche)!

Us bloggers are always looking for the best affiliate programs to join and products to sell… but even more important is HOW you sell those products.

You’re spending your time and effort blogging… you need to see a return (preferably quickly!) So you can prove to doubters, naysayers and even to yourself that you’ve got what it takes to be a rockstar blogger.

To make affiliate marketing work for you, you need two things:

  1. The right products for your audience; and,
  2. To market them in a way that makes your audience want to (and actually) buy them.

If you get that right, well the sky’s the limit with your earning potential! There are moms out there making five and six figures A MONTH mainly from affiliate marketing (that’s crazy!)

Are you ready to start making money from your blog?

 I've curated a list of over 40 profitable (high paying) affiliate programs in all niches.
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What types of affiliate products will this work for?

Any of them!

Parenting blogger? You can use links to your favorite potty training resources!

Home décor blogger? You can link to your favorite supplies!

Food blogger? You can link to recipe books and kitchen supplies!

Business blogger? You can link to your favorite tools!

(And so much more)

How to Find Affiliate Partners

There are a few ways to find affiliate partners:

  1. Have a blog (learn how to start a successful blog that gets readers and subscribers from day one right here.)
  2. Sign up to the big networks like Shareasale, Flex Offers and Awin.
  3. Check out your favorite companies, products, and services to see if they have an affiliate program (look on their site… you’ll often find a link in their footer bar.)
  4. Search Google for “your niche + affiliate program”.
  5. Sign up to my email list and get a list of hand-picked affiliate partners that pay big bucks!
Are you ready to start making money from your blog?

 I've curated a list of over 40 profitable (high paying) affiliate programs in all niches.
Want it?

By entering your information, you agree to receive newsletters & promotions from me. Per my privacy notice, your details are never shared and you can unsubscribe at any time

How to Sell Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing seems so easy… you link to a product your audience is interested in and wait for them to buy it. Cha-Ching!

But, there’s a little more to it than just slapping a few links into your blog posts and emails. Sure, you might make a few dollars that way… but if you want to make good money, you need to spend time and effort to market your affiliate partners.

Here are 10 different ways you can market your affiliate partners:

1. Blog Post

A blog post is one of the best ways to market your affiliates.

You can employ your powers of persuasion to tell people exactly what the product is and why it’s so awesome. It’s your opportunity to really sell the product.

You can tell your readers how the product helped you, how it will help them and what you love about it.

One thing, you’ll definitely want your affiliate product to relate to your blog. You don’t want to make an affiliate post for a baby toy when you blog about beauty.

Here are some ideas of different blog posts you can create based around your affiliate products:

2. Resources Page

A resources page is a really simple way to list the tools and courses you’ve taken and recommend. It’s also super helpful to your readers! They’ll love knowing exactly which plugins, tools and courses you love… so they can buy them too!

  • Tools – example: email service provider, chef’s knives, spiralizer, cricut machine… etc.
  • Courses – example: Pinterest Power Up, Become a Pinterest VA Today, Breastfeeding 101
  • Books – example: Your First 100, 12 Week Year, Makeover Your Morning, Birth Skills
  • Services: example: Promotional Video Services, Amazon Baby Registry, Amazon Prime… etc.

3. Email Marketing

It’s said that email has the highest ROI of any marketing channel… and that you can expect to make approximately $1 per email subscriber per month.

There are so many ways to market your affiliate offers via email.

  • You can include a section in your weekly newsletter containing deals or offers you’ve found that week. For example, I share free fonts that I find during the week using my affiliate link. This sets a cookie so that if someone decides to buy a font later, I’ll make a commission.
  • You can mention books you’re reading, songs you’re listening to and link to where to purchase them.
  • If you’re sharing what’s been happening that week, you can include a link to a product where it ties in. For example, if you’re having trouble with a teething baby you can share that and also a product that helped.

Just one quick thing to note: Amazon links are NOT allowed to be sent via email or in PDF form. You can only use them on your blog and on Facebook/Twitter. You might want to sign up for Shareasale affiliate network as well – there are thousands of different companies you can apply to be an affiliate for and use their links in your email instead of Amazon ones.

4. Free Email Course

This is pretty closely related to email marketing… but if you create a free email course to grow your email list, you can include affiliate links in the course.

Here are some examples of how you might do it:

  • In my free course, Pinterest Power Up, I use affiliate links for Tailwind and a paid Pinterest course I’m an affiliate for.
  • A free course on time management for busy moms and link to Make Over Your Mornings.
  • A free course on decluttering and link to a decluttering ebook you’re an affiliate for.

5. In your opt-in freebies

You get to grow your email list AND your income at the same time. Win win!

You can include all kinds of different affiliate links I your opt-in freebies (just not Amazon ones).

For example, you might create a tools list download and use affiliate links to all your favorite tools. Or you might create a workbook, a cheatsheet, or a checklist… and include links to your affiliate partners.

If you’re struggling to think of ways to include products, you might simply have a section for ‘recommended tools’ or ‘recommended products’ at the end of your freebie for products your audience might find relevant.

6. Pinterest

You can use affiliate links on Pinterest! For a long time Pinterest stopped allowing affiliate links… but now you can use them, with a few conditions.

  • Amazon links are not allowed on Pinterest (though you might find you can use them if you’re in the UK version of Amazon… check the Terms of Service)
  • Most links that redirect are not allowed. This (unfortunately) includes Sendowl links…

Some ideas for promoting affiliate links on Pinterest:

  • Make affiliate pins for the courses, tools, services etc that you’re an affiliate for.
  • Create tall, show-stopping pins that advertise the affiliate partner.
  • Pin that pin to your related boards and group boards.
  • Keep them scheduled regularly using Tailwind.

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7. Create a course or mini-course based on your affiliate offer

If you create a paid course in your niche, make sure you link to your related tools and services that complement the course.

For example, if you have a course on Promoted Pins (Pinterest Ads) you could use affiliate links to Tailwind, PicMonkey, Pinterest Templates, and your favorite Pinterest course.

Or, if your course is about learning to sew, you could use affiliate links to your favorite machine, parts, thread, fabric and other bits and bobs.

8, Create a quiz

You’ve seen those BuzzFeed quizzes right? I’m sure you’ve always wondered which Avengers hero you were… and there’s almost certainly a quiz that will tell you!

You can create a quiz that promotes your affiliate partners!

Here’s some ideas:

  • Create a quiz that suggests blogging tools for the stage the blogger is at.
  • What potty training method will work best for your child (plus assorted gear).
  • What’s your fashion style (plus recommended outfit + makeup).

The possibilities are endless!

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9. Add Affiliate Banners into your posts or sidebar

You can make your own mini ads for your affiliate products, or use the images provided. Put them into your blog post and in the sidebar of your site.

This works best with limited time offers and deals that attract attention, however you can use them for other things.

For example, you could add an Amazon banner for their Baby Registry service (if someone signs up you get a Bounty) in your sidebar or within your pregnancy related content. It’s relevant, so people might click on it and sign up.

10. Create a deals page

As you gain confidence with affiliate marketing one thing you can do is approaching the affiliate product owner for better deals for your subscribers (and you!) This might be a special coupon code for a standing discount, or a limited time sale that’s just for your readers.

You can create a deals or coupons page on your site that lists all the best standing deals you’ve got access to. Some companies will even allow you to create your own vanity coupons for your readers.

For example, the Mother’s Lounge affiliate program allows you to create coupons to get free products from over a dozen sites in the pregnancy and baby niche. Free products? Now that’s an easy sell!

Bonus Tip: Increase Buyers By Offering a Value Stack

If there’s tough competition in your niche or your affiliate partner is a little pricey… you might want to offer a value stack. What’s that? It’s something you throw in for free for the people who purchase through your link.

What makes a good value stack?

The best thing is something complementary. Some ideas:

  • Printables
  • An ebook
  • A short workshop
  • One of your own products
  • A ‘taster’ version of one of your services

It’s a Wrap!

There you go! No need to wonder how to sell affiliate products anymore… now you’ve got 10 different ways to market your affiliate offers, that work for ANY niche. Plus, a bonus tip to help you get even more sales!

Are you ready to start making money from your blog?

 I've curated a list of over 40 profitable (high paying) affiliate programs in all niches.
Want it?

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Your H.I.T. List

You’re busy and you need to focus on the HIGH IMPACT TASKS that will propel your blog forward.

Here’s the top 3 easy win-high return things you can apply right now from this post:

  1. Add a Resources page to your blog and include your top affiliate products.
  2. Choose one high paying affiliate partner and write a blog post featuring it.
  3. Create a freebie that includes one or more affiliate links in it… and then offer that freebie on your top related posts.

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  1. Great post thank you! Loads to consider and try out. I keep trying to sign up to the list of 40 affiliate programmes but it’s not doing anything when I enter my name and email address?

  2. Wow! This is a very meaty post like a five-course meal. I will be printing this. I’m struggling monetizing my three month old blog and I just received an email from Amazon threatening to suspend my account for not having any sale. lol

    1. Thanks Dani 🙂 Don’t worry too much about the Amazon email – you can reactivate it! It’s not a perma-ban thing. 🙂 Hope that helps – if you don’t get the sales this time, next time for sure!

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