The Two Traffic Sources Bloggers Need: An Interview With Raelyn Tan

two traffic sources bloggers need interview raelyn tan


Affiliate Commissions.


It’s what we’re all looking for. But, how is it that some people seem to have cracked the code, while others aren’t getting anywhere?

Today, I’m talking to Raelyn Tan of about how she was able to grow her blogging business into a success. We’re going to talk traffic, new blogger mistakes, and how to stay grounded when there’s too much to do and too little time (hey, that’s my everyday!).

two traffic sources bloggers need Raelyn Tan

Hey Raelyn, Thanks for agreeing to an interview! I’m a fan of your blog and excited to share some of your knowledge with my people.

Can you share a bit of your story? What got you into blogging/online business?

I started my business as I saw the potential having a business can bring me. I was writing articles about digital marketing online and they got pretty good traction – and I thought to myself, why not try to monetize my website?

Also, I wanted to provide a one-stop repository for bloggers to learn the marketing skills they need. There is a lot of noise online but not many credible writers who know what they are actually talking about. Being able to inspire and impact others make every day of my business very fulfilling and exciting.

What has been the most successful action you’ve taken to grow your blog traffic?

Without a doubt, Pinterest brings me a ton of traffic every month. 38% of my website traffic comes from Pinterest every month, and it is my largest source of traffic. It is not uncommon to get thousands of pins for most of my posts.

I would say having a long attractive pin, using strong fonts and bright colors, plus having a really informative post to accompany the pin would contribute a lot to a pin’s success!

What’s the biggest traffic mistake you see new bloggers making right now?

Writing article after article without optimizing them for SEO!

To me, not optimizing for SEO is a big mistake because you could waste years blogging, but without doing proper keyword research, your content will not bring you much organic traffic.

What is your number one tip for bloggers to grow their traffic?

I recommend for people to focus on Pinterest and Google! Personally, I like organic traffic because it grows with time. That way, bloggers can avoid the “feast and famine” problem, where their traffic spikes up dramatically and then dies down.

Psst… check out Raelyn’s awesome roundup post – 101 Tips from Top Experts On How to Get More Traffic. #14 is especially good 😉 Oh wait that’s mine!

How quickly can a new blogger expect to see good traffic to their blog?

I have mentored many new bloggers, and I would say 2 months is the fastest I have seen for organic traffic. However if a new blogger chooses to collaborate with other bloggers, guest post, or use other methods they can potentially see good results faster.

How do you stay grounded and avoid getting overwhelmed by all the pressure to be everywhere and learn everything (all at once)?


Don’t give up and work on cultivating a cannot say die entrepreneurial mindset! 🙂

Do you have any advice for new bloggers who want to follow in your footsteps?

My favorite part of my business is interacting with my readers, course students and clients. I enjoy facilitating their growth and seeing their businesses grow.

For my favorite activity, I love responding to kind emails, social media comments, and blog comments from my readers. At times, people can be so kind and give me so much praise – and I really appreciate it! It gives me a lot of happiness to know that I am helping someone in the world out there.

Finally, what’s your favorite part of your business? What do you enjoy doing the most?

I do things one step at a time. Start small, think big! Also, I make sure to take regular breaks by going to church or spending time with family and friends.

I recommend for all bloggers (old and new) to plan their week ahead. That way, you know exactly what to do each day.

Thank you to Raelyn Tan for answering my questions! It’s really helpful to get the perspective from a successful entrepreneur like yourself. I’m definitely interested that Raelyn ranks Pinterest up there with Google traffic 🙂

If you’re interest in seeing more from Raelyn, head on over to her blog!

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