Tailwind Vs. BoardBooster - Which Is Better? - Catherine Oneissy
Tailwind Vs. Boardbooster - the ultimate test of Pinterest schedulers.

Are you new to blogging? If you are and you’ve read, oh I don’t know, pretty much every blog out there, you’ll know you NEED TO BE ON PINTEREST. Right?

And then, you read the ‘how to get traffic from Pinterest’ posts and immediately you’re told you need to buy a scheduling tool. Usually BoardBooster or Tailwind. It depends on the blogger.

I’m not going to dispute that scheduling your pins is the best and most efficient way to get your content seen and get traffic back to your blog.

But which scheduling tool should YOU choose? What do BoardBooster and Tailwind do differently? What do they have in common?

And why are some bloggers using both?

Introducing Tailwind

Tailwind is a scheduling tool that is an API-approved partner with Pinterest. What does this mean? Simply put, it’s Pinterest-official. Using it isn’t against the rules.

Tailwind has great support and the app is constantly being upgraded from the feedback they receive from the community.

For example, when I first started using Tailwind you had to manually add or remove pin times into your schedule. I gave them feedback that this was super-tedious when you were trying to drop back from pinning 200 times a day to something more manageable (yep, I went there.)

Now, Tailwind has a feature that allows you to auto-generate time slots based on the number of times you want to pin in a day and on your optimal times to pin.

Some bloggers find the Tailwind interface overwhelming and a little confusing. Granted, there are a lot of options and things going on, but it gets easier as you use it.

Introducing BoardBooster

BoardBooster is a popular scheduler that’s mostly loved for its ability to loop pins and source pin content for a truly autopilot experience of Pinterest.

Is this a good thing though? As Pinterest upgrades their algorithm it’s possible they will begin to penalize fully automated pinners.

Unlike Tailwind, BoardBooster isn’t an API-approved partner with Pinterest. What does this mean? Well, if Pinterest ever decides to crackdown on unofficial schedulers, your account might be in trouble.

Some bloggers find the BoardBooster interface ugly and outdated. It’s not the prettiest or most modern design.

So, how do these two tools measure up on scheduling?

Tailwind has a great graphic interface. It’s perfect for us visual learners.

Here’s how scheduling works with Tailwind:

  1. You create your schedule – you select what times you want to pin each day of the week. Tailwind makes this really easy for you with its auto-generate schedule function. You simply click the button and tell it how many times per day you want to pin and it will generate a schedule based around optimal times to pin.
  2. You find content you want to pin and either send it to draft (useful for queueing up large batches), or you select which board you want your pin to go to and schedule it.
  3. Content you queue up automatically appears in your schedule and is pinned once that date and time is reached.. (It’s pretty similar to how the Buffer queue works.)

BoardBooster schedules very differently to Tailwind. Rather than having a set schedule and a queue to send content to, BoardBooster works by creating a secret board that you manually pin content to which BoardBooster then drips out at the specific times.

Here’s how scheduling works with BoardBooster:

  1. Choose Scheduler from the Pinning Tools Menu.
  2. Choose a board to use with Scheduler and decide how many times a day you want BoardBooster to pin to it.
  3. This creates a secret ‘source board’. You fill this board up with pins you want on your main board and BoardBooster will drip them out slowly over time.


Tailwind is an analytics machine! From the moment you open up Tailwind, you’re greeted with your dashboard. Your dashboard gives you a running count of your repins for the last week, number of your own pins, followers, recent comments, and your most repinned boards (with virality score).

Here’s the full deal of what you get with Tailwind’s analytics:

  • Latest pins and pinning history
  • Trending pins
  • Referral traffic (connect your Google Analytics to Tailwind for accurate monitoring)
  • Your Profile and Pin Performance (followers, pins, repins, and likes all set out with graphs and showing how many you’ve gained in the last 7 days) including various engagement and virality scores.
  • Board Insights – so you can see how well your pins perform on each board and identify your best performing boards, including group boards.
  • Pin Inspector – allows you to filter your pins in so many different ways to find your best performing content, what board you pinned it to and when you last pinned it.

BoardBooster has some pretty good analytics, there’s a lot of overlap with Tailwind with one or two unique features.

Here’s the list:

  • Your Pinning History
  • Board Performance – you can see detailed information like new pins/day for group boards and the repin rate your content is receiving. Powerful monitoring of the health of group boards.
  • Viral 3rd Party Pins – pins of your content by other pinners that have received a high number of repins. Tells you who pinned your content originally.
  • Top Group Boards – choose your category and see a list of group boards BoardBooster has ranked and see repin rate, followers, active contributors and new pins/day.
  • Best Time to Pin – compares your results depending on the time you pinned.
  • Follower Growth – makes you a pretty graph of your follower growth from the last 90 days. You can also check it out by board too.

Other Features

For a set of tools that perform similar functions, there’s not much that Tailwind and BoardBooster have in common and the way you use them is totally different.

Here are some features that are unique to each tool:

Tailwind has loads of features, and they add more all the time.

Most notable are:

  • Tribes – currently in Alpha, Tribes are groups where pinners can add their content to the group ‘pool’ and repin content from the pool. It works very similarly to a private group board. Tribes are incredibly effective. From one of my Tribes, I’ve had a reach of 5.8 million. Several of my other Tribes have hit a reach of over 1 million.
  • Content Discovery and Suggested Pins – Tailwind automatically suggests related content based after you pin based on what you are pinning.
  • Board Lists so you can easily pin to sets of boards with one click.

Using Tailwind I skyrocketed my traffic from Pinterest within a month of using it.

BoardBooster has some different features to Tailwind:

  • Monitor your group boards with Group Manager and allows you to clean up and delete pins with low repin counts.
  • Looping – automatically sets your board content to repin to your board. BoardBooster will then delete the least popular version so you don’t end up with too much duplicate content.
  • Pin sourcing – using pin sourcing in your scheduler campaigns allows you to choose a board for BoardBooster to grab content from. It doesn’t have to be your own board, it could be someone else’s (who you know is a quality pinner) or even a group board.

When I was working from my laptop that wasn’t powerful enough to run Tailwind or Pinterest, I used BoardBooster and looping to keep my pins going.

Show me the money…

If you’re bootstrapping, I get it. I understand the reluctance to spend money on your blog, especially if you aren’t making money from it yet. However, a Pinterest scheduler is one tool that will make a big difference and I definitely recommend investing in one as soon as you can.

Tailwind – you can pay Tailwind monthly (it’s $15/month) but you only get 400 pins. Personally, I don’t think that’s enough. If you pay yearly, you get a discount that brings the price down to $9.99/month, and you also get unlimited pins.

You also get a free trial of 100 pins.



BoardBooster – BoardBooster is paid monthly and the price depends on the number of pins in your plan. Basically, you pay $5 for every 500 pins per month.

Like Tailwind, you get a free trial of 100 pins.


Let’s compare them…

Scheduling Set up a weekly schedule and you choose a board for your pins when you add them to the queue. Set up a secret board that BoardBooster will repin content from to your main board.
Analytics Extremely detailed and robust. Very detailed.
Other Features Tribes, content discovery, board lists. Multiple campaign types, group board manager, looping, pin sourcing
Price $9.99/month (when paid annually) $5 for 500 pins/month

Which One Wins?

You can do a lot of things in both BoardBooster and Tailwind. The main differences are that Tailwind is much more visual, and you control with precision exactly when and what pins go where. BoardBooster allows you to loop your pins and have random campaigns of content pinning out to your own and group boards. You can set BB up to automatically grab pins from other people’s boards and pin them to your own.

So which should you choose?

Well, if I had to choose, I’d choose Tailwind. Simply because once you get the interface working for you, there’s a lot you can do with it. You have a huge amount of control over your pinning.


Some bloggers don’t make the choice. They use both.

Looping is a great feature that BoardBooster has that Tailwind can’t match (yet!) Which is the main reason that I use BoardBooster as well. It’s helpful to have your own content being continually pinned without having to direct it yourself.

It’s a wrap!

Are you a fan of BoardBooster or Tailwind? Let us know in the comments below if you have a favorite!

Oh and if you haven’t tried either, get on to the free trials! Try both – you get 100 pins to see how you like it.

Hi, I'm Cath

Hi, I'm Cath

Blogger. Freelance Writer & Pinterest Manager. Mom of one. Keeps me busy! I’m also a corporate escapee, determined to help moms create options so they can stay home with the little ones and contribute to the family finances.

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