16 Tailwind Tribes to Skyrocket Your Reach and Explode Your Blog Traffic

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I think I’ve mentioned before that I love Tailwind.

Without it, I’d be lost. I mean, come on. Manual pinning? So time-consuming! And the whole ‘every day for the rest of my life’ thing would start to get to me around day 3 (oh who am I kidding… day 1!)

One thing I haven’t really talked about in huge detail is Tailwind Tribes. They are the hands down best feature of Tailwind.

Kind of like group boards, only better, Tailwind Tribes are collaborative groups where you share your pins and find other great pins to pin to your boards.

There’s a lot of blog posts out there that list dozens and dozens of Tribes to join, but a lot of the links are broken or just plain don’t work. Plus, a lot of the Tribes are not very active…

So, how do you know where to find the good Tribes? Right here, my friend, right here.

Each week, Tailwind sends out a summary of Tribes including data on how many repins and the potential reach the Tribe achieved that week.

I’m in a LOT of Tribes. So, I’ve pulled out my best-performing Tribes for this post. You can easily do a quick search with the Tailwind Tribe search function and find and join any of these Tribes.

Here’s the full list of active Tribes that will skyrocket your reach on Pinterest:

1. Bloggers Chalkboard

I couldn’t start this list without telling you about my awesome Tribe. It’s one of the biggest and best Tribes in the blogging/digital marketing/social media niche.

Reach: 10.2 million


This Tribe is growing fast, so I thought I’d update the rules to be a little more specific: 1. Quality blogging pins only – including social media, monetization, list building, all the good stuff. 2. No duplicates please. Share your new content or from your archives, but only if you haven’t shared it here before. 3. Add a maximum of 5 pins per day. Please don’t just join and flood the Tribe. 4. Please share at least one pin for each you add to the Tribe. Tribes are about collaboration and boosting each other up. AND FINALLY – no affiliate pins, off topic pins and duplicates. Zero strike policy – offenders will be removed immediately.

Are you a new blogger? Want to learn more about Pinterest? Take my free course:

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2. BP Bloggers

This Tribe is run by Becky and Paula and is specifically for members of their Facebook Group. All niches welcome.

Reach: 20.1 million


Share one schedule at least one 🙂

3. Blogging Friends Pins

This is another multi-niche/lifestyle Tribe to join.

Reach: 6.8 million

Rules: 1. Pin at least 1 pin for each pin that you pin in to the group. 2. Please pin high quality, vertical images only. 3. Let’s keep this group spam free. 4. If your pin does not comply, it will be deleted without notice. Thanks!

4. Pinterest Friends

Multi-niche Tribe for bloggers to share each other’s content.

Reach: 6.6 million


This is 1:1 tribe and anyone who is not sharing will be kicked out without warning. This helps us all grow! -Pins Must Be Long (at least 735×1102) -No Adult Content.

5. Smart Mom Advice

This Tribe is for Moms sharing advice on parenting, time management, home organization & cleaning, recipes, work + life balance, money saving tips and anything helpful for moms.

Reach: 4.6 million


Please share 2 pins for each pin you add to the tribe. Vertical pins only. No affiliate links. Share your new pins daily! Help us grow.

6. What Matters to Mommy

Tribe for friends of What Matters to Mommy. Share anything related to making money, saving money, losing weight, working from home, or parenting. These things all Matter to Mommy!! 🙂

Reach: 4.2 million


Let’s help elevate each other! Please share at least two other pins for every pin you leave

7. Mom’s the Word

A place to share parenting advice, activities for kids, recipes, crafts, home decor, beauty and fashion tips for moms!

Reach: 3.7 million


Please only share relevant content and share the love by repinning! Users who pin their own pin for the exact same content (aka spamming) more than once will be removed.

8. Striving Bloggers

This Tribe is for bloggers to share their pins and share others as well.

Reach: 3.5 million


Pin any of your pins here that you want promoted. Also, remember to share other people’s stuff. Pin at least 1 pin for someone else that you pin to the group.

9. Practical Mommy Lifestyle

All pins related to the mommy lifestyle – fashion, recipes, organization, parenting, crafts.

Reach: 2.9 million


Repin 2x for every pin you leave. Only vertical pins allowed.

10. Bloggers Unite Tribe

Bloggers from any niche welcome, a place to share fabulous content and help each other out!

Reach: 2.7 million


Pin any of your blog pins here. Please share other peoples pins, for every 1 pin you share, make sure you add at least 2 pins from other bloggers to your queue. Enjoy!

11. Blogging Tips

Place all your blogging, social media, traffic, affiliate marketing tip pins. Please only pin blog posts, no product pins.

Reach: 2.7 million


Vertical pins only. No product pins. Please repin x2 when you add a pin.

12. Bloggers Killin It on Pinterest

This tribe is for bloggers who are using quality photography, vertical pins, clear wording & a well-designed image standard on Pinterest to support one another.

Reach: 2.4 million


This tribe is for bloggers who are using quality photography, vertical pins, clear wording & a well-designed image standard on Pinterest to support one another. This is a 1:1 tribe! If you save one to the tribe, you MUST schedule at least one from the tribe! This is monitored and anyone not reciprocating will be removed without warning. Tribes only work if everyone plays fair! Pin your blog posts on ANY topic

13. Blogging Creatives

Whether you run a blog just for fun or as a business, this tribe is great to find content for your boards and share your own stuff!

Reach: 2.0 million


For every pin you add, please re-pin one from someone else in the tribe. PLEASE only pin quality pins (i.e. good images and vertical)

14. Team Work Pinning Tribe

Tribe for members of our group: fb.com/groups/teamworkgroup. Add your pins and read the rules below. Happy pinning!

Reach: 1.8 million


Repin at least double the amount you add to this tribe. No faith-based/religion, alcohol, politics, current news events, or any controversial topic.

15. The Millennial Life

This tribe is for all millennial bloggers, career advice, adulting, how-to, life transformations, budgeting, investing, work-life balance, etc.

Reach: 1.4 million


Pin for pin. Give what you take. You will receive one warning about your pin deficits. Violators will be removed. Please be active in the group! I check in once every other week; if I notice you haven’t been pinning or sharing, you will be removed. Just trying to keep it fair! Happy pinning!

16. Mom Blogs

Anything of interest to Moms (family, kids, recipes, budgeting, finance, making extra money, saving money, etc.)

Reach: 1.2 million


Please stay on topic and share at least one pin for every pin you post. Let’s help one another!

That’s the Wrap

I hope you’ve found a few new Tribes to join! Follow the rules, pin your content to Tribes several times a week and you’ll soon find your Pinterest stats soaring!

Over to you: are you a member of any other Tribes that are getting you great results? Let me know!

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