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Blogging Basics

If you’re a blogger, you need these tools. There’s no getting around it.

A2 Hosting

If you’re trying to build a profitable blog, you need to pay for hosting. And not just any hosting. You need fast, reliable hosting, with great support.

I had to test A2 Hosting for a freelance writing task and I was impressed. So much so that when the time came for me to move hosting (and save myself some money) I jumped in with both feet!

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Confession: I hacked around in MailChimp for a long time, but never bothered to learn exactly how to use it. The interface was complicated and intimidating and there were so many options once I got something working I stuck with it, even though my solution was terrible.

But then I switched to ConvertKit. *cue angels singing* ConvertKit is so much easier to use. The interface is really simple and it’s intuitive. Tagging is easily done and… I have far fewer automation accidents than I used to. That’s gotta be a win right?

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Pinterest is a blogger’s playground. And Tailwind is the ultimate tool to get you more followers, more reach, and more traffic. When I started using it, my traffic from Pinterest increased by over 900%. This is one tool I recommend investing in first over any others. It’s just that important.
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Recommended Courses

You need to learn your craft from somewhere. But, if you aren’t making any money, it’s hard to justify spending money on something you could (conceivably) learn for free… You just have to be willing to spend the time piecing it together from various sources and testing it yourself.

A good online course can be a shortcut to profitability. These are the ones that I recommend (and yes, I’ve tried them):

Pinterest to Profits

Coming at ya from McKinzie Bean of Moms Make Cents is Pinterest to Profits. This is a great Pinterest course that goes into nitty-gritty detail about, well… EVERYTHING. There’s something here for everyone, no matter if you’ve never touched Pinterest in your life or if you’re ready to start using promoted pins and making funnels.

Comes With: Pinterest Manager Prep Course, Return on Pinvestment (promoted pins course), Group Boards Spreadsheet, Viral Pin tutorials, and lots more.
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Graphics & Images


This is the graphic design/editing platform I use exclusively to create the images for This Mama Learns.  Simple to use with lots of pre-designed templates for you to work with, you’ll be creating amazing, polished graphics for your blog in no time.

Styled Stock Society

We all need beautiful images for our blogs and some of my favorite are from the Styled Stock Society by Elle Drouin of Wonderfelle. Her images are very stylish and girly. Love ’em! The Styled Stock Society also works a little differently to other stock photo shops. Each month a new photo pack is released. There’s no access to back-editions.

Productivity Tools


One of my favorite ways to keep organized is using Trello. I love drag and drop systems, and if you do too – give Trello a try for free!