Pinterest Watch: What’s New on Pinterest

What’s happening this week on Pinterest? What’s the latest scoop on all the Pinterest changes?

I’m keeping a running list of all the latest weird and wonderful things happening on our all-time favorite social media platform.

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[New!] Pinterest Audience Insights (July 2018)

Ooh ahh aren’t these new Audience Insights interesting?

First up, you have your total audience size, which tells you how many people saw your pins over the last 30 days (this number seems to be the same as your ‘monthly unique viewers’, aka ‘your Pinterest reach’ on your profile).

Pinterest watch

Next up, you can see what categories and interests your people engage with and drill down even further into each of those interests! This is gold for planning content that your audience will be more likely to love!

Pinterest watch

Next you get some age/gender/location/device graphs so you can determine whether you’re reaching your intended audience.

Pinterest watch Pinterest watch

I’m really looking forward to getting this rolled out to all my accounts! I’ve got some great ideas on how to use this info!

Help! I can’t Save (repin) my own pins! (June/July 2018)

Ok, so one of the changes that Pinterest is trialling is removing the ability from creators to re-save their own pins.

I’m not a fan of this change. I get that Pinterest doesn’t want you to re-save your own content. They want you to create ‘fresh’ pins from your blog or via Tailwind. But, sometimes you just want to save your pin to the most relevant board and repin that to your main blog board or a secret board.

Also, does this mean manual pinning is dead? No! You just have to focus on finding pins from your site that OTHER people have pinned (try your new Activity feed or

Board Booster Closes Down (June 27, 2018)

I didn’t think it’d come to this, but Board Booster has closed doors.

What to expect switching from Board Booster:

  • you may find your traffic wobbles a little as Pinterest ‘gets used to’ your new pinning strategy
  • that’s partly because it’s difficult to exactly duplicate what Board Booster was doing.

For example:

  • Tailwind doesn’t do deduplication. (This is actually a good thing.)
  • You can ‘loop’ your pins by scheduling and rescheduling them, but there’s no safety net, like Board Booster’s where you could specify not to pin the same pin to a board within a certain number of days.

Sign up for Tailwind and get one month free.

Pinterest Email About Board Booster (June 21, 2018)

Welp. After the last week or so of speculation about Board Booster, Pinterest finally and unequivocally made a statement by emailing suspected Board Booster users with this:

“We noticed that you may be using BoardBooster with your Pinterest account. We know that scheduling tools can be a helpful addition to your workflow so you can spend more time creating high-quality content that inspires people to try new things. Pinterest supports the use of scheduling tools through our Pinterest Marketing Partners, who use a secure, Pinterest sign-in mechanism and Pinterest’s API to upload content to the Pinterest service in compliance with our terms of service and developer agreements.

BoardBooster is not a supported Pinterest Marketing Partner or a Pinterest-approved tool, and it does not honor our terms of service. BoardBooster invites you to share Pinterest usernames and passwords with it directly, in violation of our terms of service.

Additionally, BoardBooster may employ spammy behaviors on your behalf that can get your account flagged and terminated without further warning to you.

To maintain the security of your Pinterest account and avoid account termination, we recommend that anyone currently using BoardBooster in connection with Pinterest switch to a supported Pinterest Marketing Partner and update their Pinterest password.

Creators are what make Pinterest the best place for people to discover and do what they love. We’re committed to making sure that you have the right tools to publish great content and measure success. If you have any questions, you can reach out to”

I actually didn’t receive this email for either of my two accounts that use Board Booster and neither did my client that uses Board Booster… I’m vaguely intrigued as to what specific behaviour is triggering the emails. Is it deduplication? That’s the one Board Booster feature I don’t use.

What are your options?

I know a lot of bloggers are totally freaking out right now. Understandable. You don’t want to get whacked with the ban stick but now you’ve got to redo / translate your entire Pinterest tactics between schedulers. Ugh. Who has the time?

Here’s my recommended action plan:

  1. Pause (or Cancel) your Board Booster account.
  2. Change your Pinterest password.
  3. Sign up for Tailwind (it’s the best option out there).
  4. Grab Pinning Perfect (it’s the best Pinterest course, fully up-to-date… and includes an actual strategy using Tailwind that means you aren’t going to spend your entire life trying to work out what to do and what to pin)

RE-Pinning Just Got Easier (June 2018)

An update that makes things easier? Please send more!

On some of my accounts a drop down box appears and you can save the pin with very minimal clicking. Makes it super quick and easy to manually pin!

Pinterest watch new-pin

Pinterest Creator’s Event – In The Making (June 2018)

Updates from Pinterest Creator Day – Just back from the event in San Francisco, Kate relieves our intense FOMO by sharing the biggest insights we can use to promote our own content.Plus a limited-time offer from Tailwind and a brand-new feature you're going to love!

Posted by Tailwind on Thursday, June 7, 2018

Pinterest Best Practices Update to the Update (June 2018)

You might’ve noticed the Best Practices page on the Pinterest blog has been updated again. The ‘first 5’ is no longer mentioned and neither is the bit about pinning your pins to the most relevant board first… hmm… very interesting.

The first 5 is no longer a thing.

But, still keep pinning to your most relevant board first.

Pinterest Interview with Buffer (June 2018)

Buffer’s Brian Peters interviewed Pinterest’s Business Development Lead Aaron Ru & Product Manager Leon Lin and it was super interesting! Lots of the same ground was covered as in the Tailwind/Pinterest interview but there were quite a few important things mentioned.

Biggest bombshell: Group Boards Are Dead?

Content from group boards are going to be downranked in the feed. The original intention was for group boards to be real collaboration and projects, not traffic devices. This sounds A LOT like ‘Group Boards are dead’… but don’t make any sudden changes just yet.

It’s not like Pinterest has a history of changing their minds, right? Righttt??


Right now, I plan to be a bit more ruthless about whether my group boards make the cut (to keep them) and leaving any that don’t send me traffic. You can read more about my method in my ebook Group Board Boss, it’s a little different to most.

Hot tip on personal boards and Relevance

When you save a pin, Pinterest will recommend you other pins from the same board. Start curating your personal boards with this in mind – you can also use this test to work out if your board is too specific or too general >>> if someone had your other pins recommended because they pinned another of them, would that be logical? 

More Tips Made of Gold

> consistent activity to every board is important – your boards won’t be recommended if they aren’t active (archive them if you aren’t going to use them anymore).

> engagement on your pins is everything when it comes to getting recommended / placed in the Smart Feed.

> categorising your boards is the most important thing you can do to tell Pinterest where your board belongs.

> Pinterest is featuring creators in many different ways on the platform to help us reach more people. Like this way:

Yes, that’s a prominent ‘follow’ button right on the pin. I love it!

Watch the Interview

Watch the interview yourself here:

The Pinterest Team Shares Their Biggest Insider Marketing Tips

Pinterest just shared a TON of insider marketing tips and strategies with us live! Join Pinterest's Business Development Lead Aaron Ru & Product Manager Leon Lin, as they provide exclusive Pinterest marketing secrets you won't find anywhere else 🚀

Posted by Buffer on Tuesday, May 29, 2018


New Look Pin Stats Are Here! (May 2018)

If you wanted more information about how your pins are doing on Pinterest, there’s new stats!

You can look at your results for the last 30 days, 7 days or 24 hours (and they update in near-real-time).

What else does it tell you?

Well, apparently it’s supposed to aggregate all instances of your pin across Pinterest (but I’m not sure it’s 100% accurate just yet…) and tell you how many impressions, closeups, saves, and clicks you’ve had. It also shows you the boards that your pins have been saved to.

Pinterest watch pin-stats

Pinterest & Affiliate Links Changes (May 2018)

If you use affiliate links on Pinterest you might’ve noticed that Etsy no longer allows them and… Pinterest just deleted all your Sendowl ones.

Yep, they had a crackdown on redirects (which is generally against their terms anyway). Some affiliate links still work (like Shareasale and Rewardstyle).

What to do?

If you’ve lost a revenue stream, I’m sorry. That sucks. Your only options are to focus on links that are still working, or create blog posts to promote your popular affiliate products.

Pinterest Interview with Tailwind (May 2018)

This was one of those ‘drop-everything’ required watching moments for Pinterest creators everywhere.

Pinterest planned to actually tells us some stuff about how to use their platform? Groundbreaking!

Some quick notes for you:

  • Pin as much as you like, there’s no penalty for excessive pinning, so long as you’re consistent.
  • Don’t delete pins. Dud pins are NOT harming you. Make new pins with new keyword descriptions instead.
  • The ‘First 5’ pins of the day are simply those that are prioritized for distribution in your followers following tab.
  • Fresh content is very important.
  • You don’t need to have the actual pin image on the landing page (just make sure that the title of your post is related to your pin description).
  • There’s no ‘extra credit’ for live pinning on Pinterest.
  • To get recommended by Pinterest as someone to follow you need to be a consistent pinner, have a business account and claim your website.
  • There’s no magic share ratio of your content to others content.
  • Pinterest is working hard on the pin stealing issue (hooray!)

Catch the Interview Yourself

Want to watch the interview? Here it is!

Or you can check out Tailwind’s transcript/post with some extra details here.

Pinterest's Head of Product Marketing Answers Your Questions Live

Pinterest just shared a HUGE amount of information with us live. Pinterest's Head of Product Marketing, Sarah Hoople Shere, gave definitive answers to a mind-blowing number of your most commonly asked questions: 📌1. The new guidelines say the first 5 Pins of the day are prioritized – what does this mean? When does the "day" start? 2. Pinterest prioritizes “fresh content.” What is considered “fresh”?3. Why should you Pin to the most relevant board first?4. How many times should you Pin in a day?5. What’s the right ratio of your Pins to other people’s Pins?6. Should you delete underperforming Pins?7. Is Live Pinning better than using a scheduler?8. And waaaay more.You won't want to miss it.

Posted by Tailwind on Monday, April 23, 2018

Noticed Something New on Pinterest?

Comment below with a screenshot or shoot me an email via my contact form. Let’s keep up with the changes together!

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  1. Hi Cath! I’m a few months into Pinterest and still feel quite like a “newbie” so this post has been massively helpful. I was actually considering getting rid of under-performing pins & now I know. Also the tip about archiving boards if I’m not pinning to them enough–golden! I’ll be focusing on getting enough activity on every board going forward. Having all of this info organized into one post is just awesome, thanks for this!

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