How to Use Pinterest to Grow a New Blog – Interview with McKinzie Bean of Moms Make Cents

pinterest grow new blog

Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to skyrocket your blog’s page views AND make money from your blog AND launch a successful Pinterest course all in the first six months of your blog? Today, I’m chatting with McKinzie Bean from Moms Make Cents who did all those things AND MORE. She’s spilling some prime knowledge gems here that will help you follow in her footsteps.

Hey McKinzie, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed! I’ve long admired your success over at Moms Make Cents ☺

Can you share a bit of your story? What got you into blogging?

pinterest grow new blog McKinzie Bean

Hi Cath!

Thank you so much! I am so happy to get to chat with you today!

I started my first blog back in 2012 as a way to document my experiences and share them with family and friends. I started it right after my husband and I got married as an attempt to document our life together. It was mostly recipes, family events etc.

Fast-forward four years later and I launched my blog Moms Make Cents. This blog’s purpose was very different than my first lifestyle blog.

Right before I became a mom in early 2015 the company my husband worked for began struggling and his pay was cut by 30%. We had planned for me to be a stay at home mom, but suddenly our income significantly decreased and I needed to find a way to financially contribute.

In the first year of my son’s life, I started three profitable businesses, which allowed me to stay at home with him. I know many other mothers that desperately want to stay at home with their children, but financially do not have the option.

I created Moms Make Cents to teach other moms how to create a business they love and allow them to work from home.

You’ve seen some amazing results with your newest blog, Moms Make Sense, really quite quickly. What’s your secret? 😉

I seriously feel so blessed to have had Moms Make Cents grow so quickly. I know that my mission is relatable to so many other mothers out there!

When I began my blog I knew that I wanted Pinterest to be a key piece of my strategy. I’d had major success running Pinterest campaigns for other small businesses and applied the principles to my blog! The first month I have almost 5,000 views, the second month I was just shy of 10,000 views and the third month I had over 20,000 views. And guess where most of my traffic came from? Pinterest!

I also focused on creating fewer, but higher value posts. My audience was more receptive to that, than to me posting multiple times a week.

How long does it take for a complete newbie to start seeing results from Pinterest?

If you are a brand new pinner I would give it at least a month to start seeing results. It will take you a few weeks to fill your boards with pins, write board descriptions and apply for group boards. It also can take a few weeks for a pin to really gain traction, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t immediately see drastic results.

If you have strong Pinterest graphics and are implementing the strategies taught in Pinterest to Profits results become very aware in the 1-2 months. One of my students’ Pinterest impressions increased by 650% within three weeks of starting the course and another grew from zero to 1000 followers in her first month!

How much time do you need to spend on Pinterest to get results?

When you are initially setting up your account it will take about 3-5 hours to register, set up rich pins and start filling up your boards. Then implementing the strategy and getting your systems in place will also take about 3-5 hours. After that, you can expect to spend about one hour per week on Pinterest. In the course, I even show you strategies for pinning on auto-pilot in case you have an extra busy week and need to focus on other things.

What’s the biggest mistake mom bloggers are making on Pinterest?

I would say not repinning their content. Pinterest is not a platform where you pin it once and hope for the best. You should be continually repinning your own content. Some pinners worry that this will come off as spammy, but because of Pinterest’s algorithm each time you reshare your pin it isn’t being seen by all of your followers. Now, I wouldn’t recommend repinning your pin every day, but once every couple weeks is perfectly normal.

Why did you choose to focus on Pinterest rather than another traffic method?

I’ve worked doing social media management and Pinterest marketing for bloggers and small businesses for over two years. During that time I observed that the greatest ROI of time and money was from Pinterest.

In my own businesses I have tested, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and by far Pinterest was the highest driver of traffic and earned the most.

Who is Pinterest to Profits for?

Pinterest to Profits is suitable for the beginner to intermediate user. The early modules walkthrough creating an account, setting up rich pins, and refining your strategy while the second half of the course dives into how to leverage your traffic from Pinterest to increase your subscribers and income.

The bonus modules are also ideal for the intermediate to advanced user. The Promoted Pins mini-course walks through using Pinterest’s ads platform to accelerate the growth of your blog or business. The second mini-course Pinterest Manager Prep takes my two years of experience as a Pinterest manager and guides the student how they can apply their knowledge from the course to start their own service based business as a Pinterest manager.

What do you cover in Pinterest to Profits?

Pinterest to Profits is a step-by-step guide to leveraging Pinterest to increase your traffic, subscribers, and income. I take you from a new Pinterest account all the way through setting up Rich Pins, optimizing your profile and boards, creating Pinterest graphics that drive traffic, how to find the best group boards and how to schedule your pins. Plus, included is a module all about creating passive on your blog. This module covers the basics of affiliate marketing, sales funnels and much more!

Pinterest to Profits is an all-inclusive Pinterest course that teaches you to leverage the power of Pinterest to increase your traffic, subscribers, and income!
In the course there are,

  • Eight jam-packed modules that will take you from new Pinterest account to a profitable blogger.
  • Over a dozen tech tutorials to walk you step-by-step through each process.
  • Worksheets & cheat sheets to elevate your learning.

Plus, insane bonuses like

  • Free stock photos,
  • 3,000 Pins from BoardBooster,
  • Canva Pinterest graphic templates,
  • My group boards spreadsheet with over 150 boards,
  • An exclusive members only Facebook group,
  • Return on Pinvestment my brand new Promoted Pins mini course!
  • And Pinterest Manager Prep my guide to offering Pinterest Management services.

Students in the course have seen fabulous results. One student’s Pinterest impressions were boosted by 1630% in the first month.

Another student saw an increase of nearly 750% in her average daily viewers on Pinterest within two weeks of starting the course

There are a lot of Pinterest courses out there. What sets Pinterest to Profits apart from the rest?

A lot of the different Pinterest courses out there have really great pieces but they lack bringing it all together. Pinterest to Profits teaches you not only how to create a Pinterest strategy to drive traffic to your blog, it also teaches you what to do with that traffic.

If you master Pinterest, but you aren’t leveraging the traffic, then what was the point? In Pinterest to Profits, I share my strategies for using that traffic to increase your email list and your income. In the course there are in-depth modules on list building, how to make money blogging, creating a Pinterest + affiliate strategy and how to create a Pinterest sales funnel.

This truly is a start to finish course on how to leverage Pinterest to skyrocket your traffic, subscribers, and income.

What is your number one tip for mom bloggers to improve their Pinterest?

Make sure for every post that you create a graphic that is optimized for Pinterest. Vertical graphics do much better on Pinterest. Many mom bloggers try to pin horizontal images from their posts and those don’t do as well.

An example would be a food blog. Say you are sharing this amazing recipe and you have tons of great pictures that show each step of preparing the dish. It is a valuable post, but it won’t do as well on Pinterest if you don’t have an optimized graphic. In this case, you could create a collage with the steps for the recipe or a collage with different images of the prepared meal. Make sure to include a section of clear text on your graphic that has the name of the recipe or explains what the reader will get if they click through to your post.

Thank you, McKinzie for replying to my questions. It really helps put things in perspective and show the potential Pinterest has to make your blog successful.

Over to you – is Pinterest part of your blog success plan? If not, why not sign up for McKinzie’s free Pinterest course and get a taste for it?

pinterest grow new blog

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  1. This was a great interview and super inspiring. Thank you! Also, can I say that I LOVE this text message-style interview format?! It was so fun to read and I felt like I was “listening in” on a conversation between the two of you. Great idea! 🙂

    1. Hey Jessica
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the format 🙂 I often read interview posts and find it a little difficult to follow who said what! Glad you enjoyed the post too, McKinzie is an inspiration!

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