How I Skyrocketed My Pinterest with Tailwind

pinterest autopilot blog traffic up - Skyrocket pinterest with Tailwind

You know it’s been a bad day when you’re rocking a screaming baby…

And not wearing pants.

You might wonder what that has to do with Pinterest, blogging or anything at all.

Well, nothing.

Except that while all this was going on, I had Tailwind merrily working away in the background pinning my blog posts out to the world and drawing in new followers, repins, visitors and subscribers.

Totally hands-free and on autopilot.

Cool, yes?

Tailwind Kicks Ass. Here’s why…

Are you like me? Bootstrapping your blog, looking at every possible way to do things for free? Daydreaming about all the amazing things you’re going to invest in once your blog starts bringing in some cash?

I put off getting Tailwind for SO LONG because of this. But, I kept hearing over and over – the secret to Pinterest is automation, scheduling, pinning 24/7… I’m a mom, I can’t possibly match that manually (well, it might be something to do during those loong night feeds.)

My other reason for not getting Tailwind was that my blog was fairly new, and I didn’t have that many pins of my own to cycle through. I thought it’d be a bit silly to invest in an automation software so soon.

Hah. Was I ever wrong. (Pro tip – make several pinnable images for each blog post, and don’t be shy about re-pinning to the same board. All the cool kids are doing it.)

Just over a month ago something clicked and I decided that I needed to get Tailwind immediately.

So I did.

I decided straight off the bat that I was going to make it worth my while, so I started pinning 70-80 pins a day. And quickly moved up to 100, then 130 pins a day.

Was it worth it?

Here’s a snapshot of my account before Tailwind:

pinterest autopilot blog traffic up june2016

It was stagnant – I was stuck at around 2K followers for the longest time, and even using the method I used to gain my first 1K subscribers wasn’t working.

It was LOOOOW – I had barely any eyeballs on any of my pins and even less repins and click-thrus.

But wait. It gets better.

Here’s a snapshot of my account after Tailwind:

pinterest autopilot blog traffic up julytoaug

Want to try Tailwind yourself? For free? Click here.


  • Extreme growth (my average impressions per month went up by nearly 4,000%)
  • Engaged people visiting my site from Pinterest increased by over 1,500%

Here’s a pic of my analytics:

pinterest autopilot blog traffic up analytics

And, I’m now getting hundreds (and thousands) of repins on my content.

Now. If you’re a regular reader you might be thinking ‘gee, that’s nice Cath, but I know you’re also a member of 52 million Facebook groups and you spend way too much time playing pin-for-pin than is healthy for any one person.’

Ok, yes, you got me. I’m addicted to pin-for-pin. (But, I’m trying to quit.)

And, let’s get real – how effective do you think it is for one of my pins about blogging or social media to be pinned to a food/lifestyle/parenting/fashion blogger’s catch-all ‘favorite bloggers’ board?

No offence, but its not very effective. We have very different audiences.

What rocks about Tailwind

Some awesome things about Tailwind:

  • It’s approved by Pinterest (so you don’t have to worry about it Pinterest cracking down on it, or your account being banned for using it.)
  • You can get unlimited pins for $9.99 a month (paid annually). Psst… It’s more cost effective than BoardBooster.
  • The drag and drop system is very easy and intuitive to use.

My can’t-live-without-it favorite Tailwind Features

Now that I’ve experienced the Tailwind awesomness, I can’t go back. Here’s what I love about it:


Do you love numbers? I love numbers. Particularly when those numbers relate to repins, likes, blog traffic and increasing follower numbers. Tailwind has some amazing analytics that could keep me engrossed for. hours.

These analytics include:

  • Impressions
  • Repins
  • Blog traffic
  • Board Insights – tells you which boards are most effective for repins and likes.

The Best Times to Schedule Your Pins

Not sure when you should pin? Tailwind has you covered! They suggest the best times for you to pin, based on the performance of your account.

pinterest autopilot blog traffic up scheduler

Of these, the grey outlined times are ones I’ve input, the green outlined are the ones Tailwind has suggested and I’ve accepted and the dotted green outlined ones are Tailwind’s suggestions.

Tailwind Tribes

Tribes is a new feature of Tailwind (currently in Alpha). Basically, it’s a place where you can share your content with a group of people for repins. If you’re part of a niche related tribe, you should be able to source a lot of your pins from your tribe.

Oh, and it also gives you the stats of how many impressions/repins you get on your content:

pinterest autopilot blog traffic up tailwind tribes

That reach! 1.3M! Have I mentioned I love Tailwind?

Tribes is currently free for anyone to use (even if you don’t have a Tailwind account).

Board Lists

Find yourself constantly pinning to a set of boards? Takes forever doesn’t it? But, you can make this super-fast by grouping your boards into lists. I like to have all my group boards in one list. Now whenever I have a new pin, I schedule it to all my group boards in a couple of clicks.

pinterest autopilot blog traffic up board lists

Interval Function

I use the interval function together with my group board list – I don’t want to pin too many of the same pin to different group boards on the same day. So, what I do is use the interval function.pinterest autopilot blog traffic up interval

I set it to a day between pins and I usually like to use ‘Optimized’. This automatically locks my pin into one of the most optimal times Tailwind has determined for my pinning schedule. However, you can choose to schedule to the next open slot or choose exactly what time you want to pin.


If you’ve queued the same pin to multiple boards without using the interval function, baby you’re gonna have to do the shuffle! Basically, this shuffles everything around (that’s not locked) so you aren’t pinning the same pin in a row.

Free Trial

Did I mention you get a free trial? Yep, your first 100 pins are totally free. While this isn’t enough to make much of an impact on your stats, it’ll give you a feel for the Tailwind interface so you can decide if you want to upgrade to a pro account.

Interested in a free trial? You can get one right here.

Batch Scheduling – My Secret Weapon

There’s no point in investing in a scheduler if you’re going to let your queue lapse. I used to just add a few things each day to Tailwind on a very ad hoc basis. As a result, on days where I just didn’t feel Pinterested, my queue might run empty.

Consistency is key. So, what I do now is I’ve set aside two hours a week (I honestly only need one of these) to fill my queue.

A few tips on how I speed up my batching:

  • I batch by topic so I can use the ‘Add board to all’ function. So, I queue up all my blogging tips, then social media, then email marketing.
  • I use a combination of tactics for finding pins to queue – some of my favorites are visiting my favorite bloggers and queuing up their content and visiting my group boards.
  • Pinning to multiple boards at a time will really speed things up.

That’s a Wrap

Using Tailwind, I’ve cut down my Pinterest time to 1-2 hours a week, while my follower count, repins and blog traffic ticks up on autopilot. It’s that amazing. And it’s so easy to use. I’m able to turn my attention to other social media now (hello, Twitter) because I’ve got the time spare.

Are you a Tailwind user? Let me know! And don’t forget to grab your free trial if you haven’t yet experienced the Tailwind awesomeness.

So guys, I love Tailwind and I’m getting amazing results using it. I’d still be struggling with Pinterest if it weren’t for Tailwind. Now I’ve freed up loads of time and Pinterest is on autopilot – it’s such a weight off my mind, and my schedule!

If you’d like to, you can try Tailwind today – you’ll get your first 100 pins for free. Plus, you get $15 off if you decide to upgrade your account.

Pinterest Power UP

141 thoughts on “How I Skyrocketed My Pinterest with Tailwind”

  1. I clicked on this post from a facebook ad, love it, it brought me to you,!!!, I was so taken back 100 pins to Pinterest a day I feel if I post 5 I’m doing good but maybe that’s why I’m not getting bigger on my site. Thank you for this post it helped reassure me about pinning.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post – I pin slightly less than 100 pins a day these days. More like 40-70 depending on how many pins I’ve locked for intervals and smart loops of course. Pinterest doesn’t actually mind how many times you pin per day.

  2. Hi Cath – I have recently started using Pinterest to try and get visitors to my website and I have found it hard at first as seems complex strategically. The boards list and interval setting info is especially useful 🙂
    Your post though has made a lot of this much easier to understand so just wanted to say thank you and a very useful post!

  3. Huge thank you for this post!
    I’ve been putting it off for ages but finally invested in Tailwind today and am already seeing a difference. And this is the most helpful post I’ve found on what to actually do. Thank you!!!

        1. It’s more beneficial to pin your own content these days, however, Pinterest really loves new stuff so you’ll still get some Pinterest love pinning new content from others.

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  5. This is sooo helpful, thank you! I just recently starting using Tailwind (like, this week) and trying to navigate Pinterest for my blog. I used to wonder how on earth people pinned 100 pins a day, but now the mystery is solved :). Thank you!

  6. What I understood from the previous post of yours (the one I followed the link to this page from), you recommend having a PRO account with Tailwind, meanwhile, on their website, it’s recommended for large companies. I have no idea on how much a blogger like you can make in a month, but Imean $800 a month is kind of hefty for a beginning blogger *sweating emoji* or even a small biz.. or did I not understand you correctly?

    1. Yikes! No, not a PRO membership that costs $800 a month. I mis-typed – you’ll need a ‘Plus’ membership (only $10/month). Sorry to scare you!

  7. This post resonates SO much with me! Two weeks ago I finally made the leap and bought a year of Tailwind and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner!

  8. I do the exact same thing and my Pinterest has been dead for ages. Very frustrating. The tribes I see all want to repin content that performs well, and mine isn’t performing, so it’s starting to feel like there’s no hope for new content.

    1. Hey Jennifer, I’m sorry to hear your account isn’t doing so well. It’s super frustrating, I agree. Have you noticed a trend in the type of pin images that do well for you (vs. those that don’t)? Your photography is stunning, but many of your images are quite dark and moody. This Curalate post is very interesting and talks about the results of analysing over 500K images – they found that moderately bright and colorful images tend to do better on Pinterest – Might be something worth experimenting with!

  9. Hi Cath. I have to confess that I always undermined the power of Pinterest until I decided not to entirely waste my lifetime trying to go front page in Google SERPS but to find new ways of drawing traffic. In fact I have a lot of posts in my blog but never took too much time to pin them for fear my effort ended up in Pinterest’s hands. And so it goes that I am devoting many hours now to this network and thanks to that I had the pleasure of finding your amazing image “How to make pin interest your #1 traffic source!”. You have a great looking blog! and what’s better, relevant content for bloggers like me. I really appreciate the Tailwind tip, gonna give it a try but for the moment I take note of your blog!!!

    1. Thanks Carlos 🙂 I’m glad my post helped you! I gave up trying to impress Google a long time ago. Pinterest is much friendlier and easier to work with.
      To your success!

  10. Hi Cath,

    Thanks for letting me know about TailWind, it looks great. I would like to go with the free trial and drive the traffic to my blog from Pinterest. How long have you been blogging, your blog looks nice. Thanks for the guide to get Pinterest traffic, I’ll implement the guidelines that you have given.

  11. Great post! I just took the dive myself and invested in tailwind. It’s pretty amazing! Although, I’m still getting use to the mechanics of i, but once I get the hang of it I think it will be a great asset!

    1. Hey Jessica, thanks for commenting! Good on you for investing in Tailwind, it’s so worth it! Once you get the hang of it, it’s game changing. If you get the Genius Blogger Toolkit (available until like… day after tomorrow!) it includes a course on mastering Tailwind 😉 I’m also working on one myself… stay tuned!

  12. Thanks for writing this post! I actually found it through Pinterest! I have Tailwind and have been using it for a little while now. I’m a fairly new blogger and did not think it would be smart to invest in Tailwind as I don’t have many blog posts yet. I already make several Pinterest photos for each post, but I still didn’t believe it to be worth it just yet. But earlier today I began joining tribes and it really hit me how effective Pinterest could be for me if I used it to its full potential. I was on the fence about investing in Tailwind. Your blog post just convinced me!!

    One question. When you first started blogging and using Tailwind, what was your approximate ratio of pinning your own content versus someone else’s? I would love to continuously pin my own stuff, but it may or may not become obvious and duplicative as I don’t have much content on my blog just yet.

    Thank you for the amazing post!!

    1. Hey Sade
      You’re most welcome! Glad you liked the post! For me, if I were at the beginning again, Tailwind would be the very first tool I invested in and I’d get it immediately (even before ConvertKit!). It’s worth it. Even if you don’t have much content of your own yet, you can use it to build an active account full of quality content from others (as well as your own) – this will help you get better results when you finally do have more of your own content to pin.

      I pinned about 80% (or more) of others content when I first started, which is ok to start with but you need to pin your own content continuously. It’s ok to have duplicates on your own boards (make sure you’re following duplicate content rules on group boards). So, to start with when you don’t have much content try pinning 80/20 and then as you get more content of your own start to move the meter towards more of your own content. Hope that helps!

  13. Pinterest is really a great place for bloggers and internet marketers to be because it meaningfully brings people together. I personally didn’t know the awesome power of Pinterest until I started fiddling with it one day and it started increasing my traffic. I honestly have seen tons of blogs in the past concerning Pinterest marketing but really did not bother to pay close attention to them. Honestly, I’m glad I changed my mindset today concerning Pinterest marketing and taking the pinning social network seriously because it has done a lot of good for me in terms of increasing my traffic and shares of my content to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, maybe Google Plus, and more.

  14. Ryan Biddulph

    The tool I like for managing and automating my Pinterest account is PinPinterest. It has got me about 55k followers in the last 7 months.
    PinPinterest is free for all, runs online, sets up fast, has Pin Scheduling and Speed control features. The mobile optimised website lets you have access to your account anytime and from any device.
    Its intelligent algorithm pins only content relevant to my business, thus keeping my boards clutter-free… The ads are a bit irritating, but that’s okay..its like a small price you pay for the excellent tool 🙂
    Its truly the tool of the future.

    1. Hey Ryan
      Thanks for commenting 🙂 I’ve not used PinPinterest before but it definitely sounds interesting. Though, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable leaving my account completely automated. Have you seen an increase in traffic from Pinterest after using this tool?

  15. Hello,

    I have been a blogger for a long long time. I have started and stopped and started and stopped because I get so discouraged by my blog stats. I put a lot of work and research into it and NOTHING ever seems to work. I KNOW I am not harnessing the power of Pinterest effectively. I’m on there all the time and see pins that are pinned 2k, 5k etc times and I think to myself, “how is this possible?” I know people are turning their passions into full time jobs. Anyhow, I digress.
    I recently signed up for my free trial of Tailwind, just this past week. I keep reading how fabulous it is. I guess my confusion comes in do I schedule pins from my own website, which is ulitimately where I’m trying to drive traffic back to? Am I spamming my Pinterest followers if I sit down and schedule the same pin to 5 different boards? Do I just pin new content or do I go back and repin older content? I also know that Pinterest group boards are the holy grail of Pinterest success…or so I’ve read. Can’t seem to figure out how to get on board with one (or 10!) of those bad boys!
    There’s SO much information out there…it’s so exhausting. I am going to sit down and really try to work better with Tailwind. I just want to make sure that I do it correctly and I want to make sure that what I want to pin is worth pinning. I mean…I think it is; but what if I’m the only one! LOL.
    Thanks for the great article. I look forward to seeing how it can help me.

    1. Hey Dori! Thanks for commenting! Tailwind can really help (especially if you’ve never used a scheduler before) because it keeps your account active and Pinterest likes that. You definitely want to schedule pins from your own website (you’re right – that’s what gets you traffic), but you also need to pin other people’s pins to your boards as well.
      You aren’t spamming your followers because Pinterest no longer shows pins as ‘newest first’, they show them as ‘best first’. But, using Tailwind I’d probably hit the Shuffle button so you aren’t just pinning the same one over and over.
      Yes, you want to pin new content and your older content.
      Group boards are good but not as good as they used to be, but they’re still pretty good (Tailwind Tribes are better though!). Just keep applying – I feel you that it’s difficult to get onto them!
      Two things you might want to look at doing is creating a special Pinterest graphic for each of your posts (I didn’t notice any on your Pinterest account, so sorry if you’re doing this already). I like to think of this as being like a small magazine cover so include an image of your craft item and some text over the top that explains that it’s a craft tutorial/article.
      Secondly, I hope I don’t offend but I found the polka dots on your site background made it difficult to read. Maybe consider swapping it for a white background?

    2. Hey Dori! Thanks for commenting! Tailwind can really help (especially if you’ve never used a scheduler before) because it keeps your account active and Pinterest likes that. You definitely want to schedule pins from your own website (you’re right – that’s what gets you traffic), but you also need to pin other people’s pins to your boards as well.
      You aren’t spamming your followers because Pinterest no longer shows pins as ‘newest first’, they show them as ‘best first’. But, using Tailwind I’d probably hit the Shuffle button so you aren’t just pinning the same one over and over.
      Yes, you want to pin new content and your older content.
      Group boards are good but not as good as they used to be, but they’re still pretty good (Tailwind Tribes are better though!). Just keep applying – I feel you that it’s difficult to get onto them!
      Two things you might want to look at doing is creating a special Pinterest graphic for each of your posts (I didn’t notice any on your Pinterest account, so sorry if you’re doing this already). I like to think of this as being like a small magazine cover so include an image of your craft item and some text over the top that explains that it’s a craft tutorial/article.
      Secondly, I hope I don’t offend but I found the polka dots on your site background made it difficult to read. Maybe consider swapping it for a white background?

  16. I’m a bit ‘old skool’ with Pinterest and I never really thought to just have several images for the same post, and then pin each other them. Otherwise I was scared of repetition! But I’ll definitely give that tip, if nothing else, a go!

    1. Yeah, I never really thought about it until I saw it in a Facebook group. It makes sense though! I mean everyone talks about repurposing your content – there’s not that much difference in making another pin image and quoting a different line for Twitter. 🙂
      I’d love to hear how it works for you!

  17. I LOVE Tailwind for it’s automation features. Recently I went traveling for 2 weeks and didn’t have to worry about pinning and repinning. Tailwind was doing it for me. Thanks for doing the detailed write up. Very informative 🙂

    1. Thanks Suzanne 🙂 Yeah, there’s not much point in investing in a tool like Tailwind if you let the queue lapse. I’m actually planning a guest post about how to keep your queue filled 😉

  18. This is the first time I came across Tailwind. Sounds promising. I’m still very new to Pinterest. I use it mostly for the parties that I plan for my kids.

    1. Hey Jessica
      If you haven’t been using a scheduler, Tailwind will definitely give your Pinterest stats a kick in the pants. Hope you have great success 🙂

    1. Hey Christina
      I upgraded to pro Tailwind mid July, so about a month and a half. I started pinning around 70-80 a day but moved up to 100 really quickly. I recently upped it to 130ish per day.
      It takes me 1-2 hours a week to fill my queue each week depending on how I go about it.

    1. Hey Rebecca! It’s super easy 🙂 I used to forget to queue my pins regularly too – but if you don’t you’re wasting money, right? So, now I have a schedule going on where I queue up twice a week during my boys morning nap time. If I accomplish nothing else for the morning, I’m happy.

      PS. You can have a peak at my schedule in this post.

  19. Cath!

    Tailwind DOES rock. It’s awesome. I didn’t know about tribes so I joined yours! Thanks for telling us about it.

    I do most of my scheduling on Pinterest and rarely visit my Tailwind account so had no idea of the other features. I’ll be looking to explore things. For now, shuffling seems to work 🙂

    1. Hey Elna! Thanks for joining my tribe! Shuffling is fantastic and I looove some of the amazing features Tailwind has included.
      PS. it was partly seeing your results that motivated me to jump in and get Tailwind!

  20. This is awesome! I am a new blogger and I am just starting to learn about this whole automation thing. Not sure I’m quite ready to pay monthly for this kind of service, but I’m definitely saving for later! Thanks for sharing.

  21. I hadn’t heard of Tailwind, I find uploading new pins to Pinterest quite time consuming, adding the url and description etc. I have to admit I have neglected my account there, maybe Tailwind will make it easy for me to catch up with it.

  22. Hopping onboard the Tailwind success truck seems like something I would do. I love official tools, apps and stuff like that, so that’s one good thing. Your charts really seems straight to the point, and that’s improvement. The only thing that pushes me back a bit is that my Pinterest account isn’t exactly something that should spring to life as of now, it’s more of a spectator one. Good read, and the subscription totally sounds worth it!

    1. Hey Karla, it’s all good! Whenever you are ready to take your Pinterest to the next level, you know about the tools you can use to get you there 🙂

  23. W-O-W!! This is just so great. For any blogger who wants to have more, this might be the key to their problems. I already heard that Pinterest really helps boost blogs and personal websites but with Tailwind, I guess you’ll love Pinterest even more!

    1. Hey Breanna,
      Glad you liked it 🙂 hope you see some great results. Any questions, pop back over here and let me know. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  24. This is an awesome idea! I don’t usually use pinterest for traffic but if it’s this good then it’s really worth a try! Thanks for the tutorial and the details on what tailwind can do!

  25. Hey Cath,
    Have you see a direct correlation between your growth on Pinterest and traffic coming back to your blog itself? Sometimes I will have a boost in pins or Tweets but I don’t see ping backs like I hoped for. What are you seeing?

    Thanks for all that you do and share. I love my tribe of blogging women. You are on my go to list for sure.

    1. Hey Amber
      Aww thanks 🙂 I’m so happy to be on your list! To answer your question, absolutely yes – I’m seeing increased traffic to my blog. Pinterest has become my number one source of traffic by far. I’ll grab a pic next time I’m at the PC. 🙂

  26. I have had my blog running for 2 months and haven’t seen much success with my pin numbers. I have joined a bunch of FB groups and we do pin for pin, which helps a little. I have been on the fence about getting Trailwind as I didn’t know if it would be worth the money (I am trying me make it and not spend it). You provided some great information and I think I am about sold that I need this service to help launch me and my website.

    1. Hey Sue,
      Thank you for sharing – honestly, I’m in a similar situation. Every time I buy something it’s after weighing up pros and cons and deciding how I’d get my money’s worth out of it if I bought it.
      I also really don’t know how (or if) bloggers get results from Pinterest without using something like Tailwind or Boardbooster. I can only speak for my results but I’d say it was worth it!

    1. Hey Crazy 🙂
      It is amazing! No, you don’t have to pay both monthly and annually. That would be seriously un-amazing.
      If you pay annually, you get a cheaper rate that works out to ~$10 a month (and you get unlimited pins). If you pay by the month, there’s a limit on how many pins you can pin and it’s slightly more expensive.

  27. Tailwind is a great program, I definitely agree with you on that one. It’s perfect for people who rarely have time to do everything manually in a day. I really like how it works.

  28. blair villanueva

    Hello Mama!

    This is a reeeaally helpful post! I’m currently lousy with my pins, and haven’t give it a priority, but now I am encouraged! Thanks to you!

  29. I just started using Tailwind and this is going to help me be more intentional! And also I need to get going on Tribes!! Pinning. Because that’s what you do with posts about pinterest, right? 🙂

    1. Absolutely Kirsten – that’s the best thing to do with posts about Pinterest 🙂 I’m seeing the need to be more intentional in just about every aspect of blogging… who’d have thought there was so much to do and keep track of? I find setting goals helps.

  30. I’ve tried both schedulers and actually prefer Boardbooster but I can see why you love Tailwind. Automating things like Pinterest is so necessary.

    xoxo, Jenny

  31. I had never heard of tailwind. It’s always interesting to grow traffic though. At the moment I’m not using pinterest a lot. But I will try now..

    1. Hey Carola
      Growing traffic is one of my passionate interests 🙂 Pinterest is a great source of traffic, it’s well worth looking into!

  32. Okay I just signed up to my Tailwind and now I’m excited to use it hahaha.. I’ve neglected my Pinterest for such a long time, because I got busy with Instagram. But now I want to get back to it, really work on it and see how it would affect my blog traffic. Thanks so much for introducing this to us!

    1. Hey Marge
      Maybe we can trade tips? I’m planning to get started on Instagram now that I’ve sorted out my Pinterest. Pinterest is the top source of traffic for loads of bloggers 🙂

  33. I tried Board Booster but I think I didn’t get it right, I got maybe 4 clicks to my site and maybe 10-20 followers, and that in 2-3 weeks and pinning every day. 🙁 I just made an account with Tailwind and hope I can crack the mystery to getting traffic from Pinterest 🙂

    1. Hey Ruxandra,
      I found BoardBooster a little less user friendly. Tailwind is very visual and you can tell exactly what’s happening with it’s drag and drop system. Hope it works out for you 🙂 Let me know if you need any tips.

    1. Hey Robert,
      The best thing about Tailwind is that you can almost completely automate it and you could always pin less per day so that you could block it into a manageable amount of time. Check it out! It’s so worth it 🙂

    1. Hey Nellwyn,
      How many times a day are you pinning? I’ve heard a lot of different things from bloggers – there’s no consensus on how much to pin. I’ve heard anywhere from 20 pins a day to 200 pins a day. I *think* that pinning more will just move everything along a bit faster, though I pretty much went straight to 100+ so can’t really say.

  34. I am still new to Pinterest and don’t quite understand it yet in general. I did pin this post to really read and possibly implement soon when I am ready to really grow my Pinterest audience. I know it should be a priority. Working on it.

    1. Hey Lacey,
      You should check it out! Pinterest is a gold mine for blogger traffic – particularly if your audience is moms. There’s so many of us on Pinterest!

  35. You are very convincing! I’ve tagged this to look into Tailwind – but in the meantime I have a question about creating more than one pin for a post. Do you suggest that you tweak the title itself, or just the graphics?

  36. Tailwind definitely rocks! I confess, I am not utilizing it to its fullest (need to get some board lists going) but the tribes and unlimited pinning stole my heart. And the fact that it’s more affordable than my second Pinterest love, Board Booster. Just joined your tribe too!

    1. Hey Kecia – it’s so much better once you get your board lists happening. Are you part of many group boards? Thanks for joining my tribe 🙂

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