3 Simple Ways to Get Traffic to A New Blog (for free)

3 simple ways to get traffic to a new blog

I remember when I first started this blog.

I’d check my Google Analytics, daily, and get excited about my traffic.

(And then I realized that Google was tracking ME as traffic. Buzz kill.)

It was kinda depressing, looking at the numbers every day. Hoping that they’d go up and look like all those other awesome bloggers who were getting consistent traffic.

I was happy just to get a handful of visitors, one day a week. It always dropped back to zero between visits though.

It seemed almost impossible to get more.

Traffic seemed like this monumentally difficult task. I was doing all the right things wasn’t I?

Now that I know a bit more, I think it’s actually EASY to get traffic. Even when you’re just starting out. I still use these ways myself!

Here’s three of my favorite (and the easiest) traffic generating methods:


If you’re a blogger and you’re not on Pinterest, drop everything and get on Pinterest. There’s a reason why so many bloggers sing the praises of Pinterest. It’s a blogger’s paradise!

Seriously. Pinterest is the bomb, here’s why:

Interested? Here’s what you need to know to make a splash on Pinterest:

  1. It’s visual – you need to make an image specifically for Pinterest. When you’re creating it, think of it like a little magazine cover and you won’t go wrong.
  2. Keywords countlearn a bit about keywords, it makes algorithms happy. Basically, what search terms do you want to be found under? Use those in your profile, boards, and pins.
  3. Consistency counts – to make Pinterest like you, you need to pin consistently. The easiest way to do this is with a scheduler like Tailwind.
  4. Type of content matters – you need to give people a reason to read your content. It’s a sad but true fact that no one really cares about you – they care about what you might know that will help them. “How to…”, “How I…”, “X tips to…”, all do well on Pinterest.
  5. CALL TO ACTION – in caps because it’s important. Let your readers (or pinners) know what you want them to do. It’s easy, it’s so easy it feels kinda silly. But, you’ll notice a difference. Try adding a little “click through to learn more” to the bottom of your pin descriptions.
  6. Offer incentives – you might have noticed pins with a tiny image of a document or ebook, proclaiming ‘free download’. This is great to entice people back to your blog and onto your email list. (Pssst… this is easy. All you need to do is make a cover image for your freebie in Canva, download the image to your computer, upload the image back into Canva and then you are free to drag it onto your pin image and resize and rotate to your heart’s content.)
  7. Group boards – don’t be shy. Getting your pins onto group boards is a great way to bring more traffic back to your blog. Easiest way to find group boards to join? Find a blogger in your niche, check out their profile, and their group boards. Follow the instructions on the group boards to join.


Blog Commenting

Full disclosure, this has NEVER had a huge impact for me, but it can bring traffic in if you do it right.

I *think* the key to effective traffic from blog comments is to give people some information about you, and what you do.

For example, I think Elna does a great job of her blog comments. Here’s the first one she left on my blog:

new blog traffic elna-comment

Notice from this example, Elna lets me (and anyone reading my blog) know that she’s a freelance writer who writes about blogging, and she writes for some pretty big blogs. Pretty intriguing, right?

Thinking on it now, I almost never mention what I do or that I blog in any of my comments. It’s probably the reason why blog commenting hasn’t been particularly effective for me!

How to put this into practice?

If you’ve got a new blog, say so!

“I just started a new blog, and I’m going to try your tip.” (please add more to your comment than that.)

There. It’s that simple.

Facebook Groups

Have I mentioned I love Facebook Groups before? You mean I have?

Well. I don’t care, I’m going to say it again.


Especially for getting traffic to a new blog.

There’re a lot of ways to use Facebook Groups for traffic. Let’s talk about them briefly.

  1. Promotion threads – the easiest way, and most obvious, is to participate in promotional threads. Many groups have special days when you can promote your blog.
  2. Reciprocation/Promotion threads – I consider these to be a little different to number 1, in that you pay for your promotion with your own time spent sharing/commenting/etc on other blogs.
  3. Introducing Yourself – do you introduce yourself when you join a Facebook group, or do you tend to sneak in like a ninja? I fall more on the ninja side of the spectrum, but most groups allow you to link to your blog. Making an introduction is a good way to get your face and name out there.
  4. Participating – this gets your name out there as a valuable contributor. Answer questions. Ask questions. Make posts sharing value. Be visible.

One of the most important things you can do (which I don’t do) is to have your blog in your Facebook profile. So, if someone loves what you’re doing in the group, they can click through to your profile and find your blog.

Why don’t I do it? I plan to soon. I just didn’t want the pressure of all my friends and family knowing about my blog. Starting a blog is nerve-wracking enough for an introvert as it is!

All Wrapped Up

So that’s it for today. Are you using these methods to gain traffic?

If you liked this post, I’d love it if you’d share it with your peeps! And if you’re looking for even more traffic generating methods, check out Elna’s post over at Twins Mommy (I think we were on a similar wavelength this week!)

Pinterest Power Up

68 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways to Get Traffic to A New Blog (for free)”

  1. Hello Cath.
    I’ve just started a new blog on blogging and I really needed this information. I want to get more traffic on my new blog and of course to have more page views as well. It will take some time but with your strategies, I may reach my goal faster. For the moment I’m only focusing on Pinterest because they all say it’s the best traffic source for bloggers. Can’t wait to see the results though…

    Thanks for sharing…

  2. So, Finally I come up to the post that i want to know. I just searching on Google to “how to get traffic to new blog”. I researched more than 30 minutes on the topic and after that i landed on your blog, And guess what happen i found it really helpful. I was thinking that Pinterest is not for me but your blogpost convince me to make a profile on it and share the pin.
    I really love your content. The way you present it’s on point. I almost read starting to end.
    At the end Thankyou for the great post.

  3. Loved this! Have recently started a new blog myself and write book reviews, fun literary-inspired posts, and writing advice. I loved your Pinterest tips. Pinterest is probably my biggest source of traffic right now so I will definitely take your advice. There are two things that have helped me create better content. A super simple thing I’ve started using is . . . . Grammarly! It’s really helpful for just proofreading my posts and fixing any issues. It’s nice to have an editor 🙂 I also look at a lot of different sites for layout inspo. thechicsite.com has an amazing look!

    1. Grammarly is a great tool! I used it a lot as a freelance writer/editor as a good ‘first check’. Have you seen Hemingway as well? It helps you simplify your writing 🙂

  4. Why should you be embarrassed about telling people that know you about your blog. This is what you do, don’t be shy. If someone has problems with this, tell them to shove it.

    1. *shrugs* writing out your thoughts feels very personal for some people, especially if its not a side of themselves that they normally show to the people in their life… I don’t share my blogs with the people in my life (mainly because I doubt any of them are particularly interested in blogging/Pinterest)… I know they’d want to read it, but they’re also not really my target audience 🙂

  5. I recently started a blog about life ramblings, inspiration, etc… and this post is just what I needed! I am doing the Pinterest thing and just seeing a little traffic so far (a couple of views here and there) my bounce rate is still high though…. but I am keeping at it and hope to see the views increase. May try the Facebook group thing as well, although I am seeing mixed opinions on it here….

    Thanks for these great tips!

    1. Hey Anna, it’s great to diversify your traffic 🙂 But, focus on one thing at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Facebook is an interesting one – most of the time the people you’re in blogging Facebook groups aren’t going to be your ideal reader… but if they share your work it might reach their readers who may be your ideal reader too? It’s worth a shot!

  6. Another person here who hasn’t yet connected their personal profile to their group/fb page or blog. I don’t know why I’m shy about it, but I am!

    I think it’s because fb has a lot of ex-work colleagues and other more distant friends on that I am afraid will basically laugh at what I do.


    Funny how that fear of standing out and being true to ourselves can stop us doing things that we know are useful. I participate in several groups regularly because I enjoy and I often think I should just stick my blog on there and be done with it so people know where to find me. Maybe I’ll make it a goal for early next year 😉

    1. Haha, yeah, I put it off for the longest time… until I decided to just do it and ignore any negative comments. No one said anything to me 🙂 (Or maybe they didn’t notice, haha! I’m not the most active Facebook user).

    2. Faye, I know how difficult it can be to open up to your old co-workers and family members about your blog, but I would encourage you to do just that.

      There are bound to be some folks among those groups who would really love to see you succeed.

      All it takes is for a few of the right people to “brag” about your blog and share your posts to help kick it up to the next level.

      Yes, there will likely be a few folks who will be a bit on the negative side, but the others will outnumber them by far.

      Just understand that the critics will probably be criticizing you because of envy, and that will reflect poorly on them, not you.

      Write great posts and they’ll get shared like crazy. Attract a few “evangelists” and you’ll see great things happen.

  7. All three tips are great, but the tip about participating in Facebook groups is sterling.

    Facebook has reduced the reach of Facebook Pages to the point where it’s virtually useless to post one them, but groups still generate tons of traffic thanks to the notifications members receive every time you publish a new new post with a link to your blog.

    What’s more, the traffic you receive from a Facebook group is extremely targeted which helps ensure that visitors are interested in the content of the blog post and they’re more likely to hang around to read additional posts.

    Again, great tips here, Catherine.

    1. Thanks for the comment Rick 🙂 I’m glad you love that tip about Facebook groups. They can be an excellent way to build your traffic. And as you get known in the group you become the go-to person as well!

  8. Thank you for sharing these tips. Pinterest is a very good tool to use when your waiting on Google to rank a site and build traffic. Just getting out there and sharing on blog sites and reading what other people are doing really helps to build relationships and also is great for link building. We all want to succeed, and if we all share in the end everyone succeeds.

    1. Thanks for your comment Carl. Pinterest is great for traffic, especially when your site is only super new. And developing those friendships is so important – they can last you for your blogging career!

  9. Of the 3 you mentioned, I think Facebook Groups has to be the one that I find a bit tedious. I find it a bit difficult trying to keep up with which group to post to each day and the different rules for each group. I hear many people raving about how they love Facebook for getting traffic but it just did not work for me.

    1. I totally agree Michelle. I don’t use Facebook group share threads anymore, it just took too much time and energy. You’ve really got to be driven to make it work.

  10. Hey Cath!
    Great advice — we’ve already jumped on Pinterest, and I try to comment on some blogs now and then….might try Facebook soon!
    Feel free to check us out – we write poems and short stories over at Scarlet Tea and Silver Ink!
    Thanks again!
    -Little Lion, STSI | Many Stories Two Authors One Website |

  11. Thanks for the helpful insights! These are some of the best recommendations I have seen so far. I’ve done quite a bit of reading on this topic and this is the first I’ve heard of leveraging Facebook.

    However, I really appreciated hearing that you didn’t connect your blog to Facebook. That’s usually the first tip I see but I’m also not doing that. I just started my blog this week and it’s pretty personal. While I have loved sharing to my readers (all three of them right now), I’m not ready for people I know and see regularly to read about certain aspects of my life that I am blogging about. However, I’ve been getting really worried that maybe I won’t be successful purely because of that!

    1. Thanks Kelsey, glad you liked the post.
      Hah! Yeah it took me a while to work myself up to connecting my blog to Facebook. (Honestly – no one noticed when I did!) Unfortunately, there are some blogging groups that require it… but I just avoided those. It doesn’t need to impact on your success at all.

  12. Love this post! Let’s see if I can try one of your tips here. I am working on pinning consistency. I’ve been promoting posts for different brands and blogs but I don’t promote those as hard as I do my posts that I write. In the past week, however, I’ve refrained from being selfish and shared all content abundantly! ❤️

    1. Great to hear you’re pinning more consistently – it’ll really help you get traction on Pinterest. Haha! Share away 🙂 It’s good for everyone!

  13. Social media are a great source to draw traffic if you can work them out. I was wondering how you deal with backlinks. Being one of the important ranking factors, I work a lot on these but get less traffic. I try to contact renowned sites and do guest posts. Are there other ways?

    1. Backlinks are not a ranking factor on Pinterest, therefore I don’t worry too much about them. My overall strategy has never involved a strong focus on wooing Google because I know that naturally excellent content will attract the right social signals, and yes, backlinks, without having to artificially manufacture them (because Google is way smarter than that.)

  14. Hey Cath,

    Awesome blog and really helpful. I blog about entrepreneurship too and it gave me some new perspectives on how I can get some traffic. Like what im doing now. See what I did there? Mention I blog about entrepreneurship and hope you will check out my site? :3

    1. Hey Nate
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Glad you liked the post. Totally checked out your site – you’ve got an interesting take on entrepreneurship 🙂

  15. I tell everyone about the power of blog commenting but it’s always the first thing to go off the to do list in favour of other tasks. I need to add it to my priority matrix and make sure it stays up there! Thanks for the reminder:)

    1. You’re totally right Claire. (I’m guilty of that myself). It can be pretty time-consuming to write a good comment. I haven’t gone blog commenting in a while. Should get back to it 🙂

  16. Hey Cath,

    I’m just now starting out blogging. I’m blogging on DIY for kids and making money from home for stay at home moms. Both which are huge topics for me as I’m a student and mom of 3 kiddos. It’s a little nerve racking trying to get my views up. These are such great tips! I will definitely be trying this. And sharing it on pinterest.


    1. Hey Esmee
      Wow! You’re studying with 3 kids? You’re superwoman! Views are hard in the beginning but you’ll start to get some momentum as you learn your way around blogging and Pinterest.

  17. Hi Cath,
    Thank you for sharing such valuable information, especially for a new blogger like myself. It can be pretty overwhelming especially when people seem to post 2 month blogging income reports. I can’t even seem to get much traffic nevermine income… Thank you for your help. My biggest results have come from Pinterest and fb groups. It was nice to hear that i just need to keep at it. Did any one action really stand out in regards to getting traffic?

    1. Hey Marnie
      You’re very welcome! I understand just how overwhelming it can be – there’s so much to learn. Don’t worry about those 2-month income reports – I find a lot of bloggers who’re seeing early successes are either on their 2nd (or 3rd/4th/5th) blog. But don’t worry about them – if you want to make income you have to stay focussed on what you’re doing.

      Honestly, Pinterest has been the best source of traffic for me. And getting Tailwind was a gamechanger. If you go from manual pinning to pinning 30+ times per day, you’re going to see big results simply from the increased activity.

  18. Great Tops! I am struggling to get the traffic on my blog. But now will follow the instructions. Hope it will work out for my blog. Thanks for sharing. Cheers

  19. I’ve just started blogging a week ago and I’ve found these tips really useful! It’s a bit up a struggle in the beginning but I’m staying consistent and noticing small increases in my Pinterest presence. Hopefully it won’t be long until I see more traffic on my blog. Plus the idea of joining a Pinterest group is great, I’m yet to try it but it’s on the list 🙂

    1. That’s great to hear Hayley! Consistency is definitely key to pretty much everything in this blogging world. You’ll definitely keep seeing increases! You should join some group boards 🙂 They are really helpful. (PS. I invited you to mine.)

  20. I love how simple and practical the advice you give!

    I am a brand new blogger
    ( catlouarts.com )and all of this is very new to me but at the same time very exciting ?

  21. Glad i came across this post on Pinterest. I am completely hiding my new blog from everyone I know except my husband! lol, I have created a facebook page for my blog but have yet to do a single thing on it because I’m scared to death somehow it will link to my personal account and people will find out! lol, it’s sad I know. I will tell them one day when I get my blog exactly how i want it to look.

    1. Hey Brittany
      Thank you for commenting 🙂 I’ve only recently linked my Facebook page to my personal account. It’s pretty terrifying, but no one has noticed yet… lol. I understand wanting to get a bit established first. The pressure!

  22. Hey Cath,
    Loved, loved this article. Thanks to posts like these that show newbie bloggers like me the way forward. (I am a content writer and I post better living tips, book reviews and writing advise on my blog ;))

    “I just didn’t want the pressure of all my friends and family knowing about my blog. Starting a blog is nerve-wracking enough for an introvert as it is!”<–This is sooo me!!

  23. The problem I’m having is I can’t afford tailwind. I’m only a high school student (graduating in 15 days) and I don’t have that kind of money oe a bank account and my blog is very new, with only two posts

  24. You mention you are a recovering affiliate marketer. Does this mean the two just don’t jive ‘blogging and affiliate marketing’ or just a personal thing? I ask because I am new to both blogging and affiliate marketing and trying to learn from where ever I can. I appreciated your tips and will certainly be adding a few.
    Thanks again, Merry

    1. Hey Merry, well that was partly a lame attempt at humor (the lack of sleep means I often think I’m hilariously funny, though not sure how well it translates). The lines between what is affiliate marketing and what is blogging has become quite blurred. What I’d call pure affiliate marketing is all about the products, and all about the money. Whereas I consider blogging is more about creating useful and shareable content. As I said the line has become rather blurred – bloggers are using affiliate marketing a LOT and affiliate marketers are starting blogs and creating useful, shareable and beautiful content (that isn’t just reviews). My views are definitely influenced by my experience in affiliate marketing years ago – things were a lot shadier back then.

  25. Great post!

    A lot of bloggers swear by pinterest and I am an intern at Geotraveler’s niche, responsible to grow their pinterest account and ensuring that the pins I create make the traffic coming on the http://www.lolaakinmade.com (Geotraveler’s niche) convert!

    I need to implement your tips asap ?. Thanks again

  26. Hey Cath,

    Every blogger tries to drive more traffic to his/her blog. Pinterest can be really helpful

    People are using the visual content to influence their readers and it’s working.

    Facebook ist the leading social networking site and you can find many people in the groups. The engagement would be more.

    Thanks for these tips.

    1. Hey Ravi
      Thanks for commenting. I agree visual content is really important these days – and Pinterest, and Facebook are huge drivers of traffic to my site (and many others!)

  27. Hi Cath!
    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been blogging since 2013 and hoping that a re-brand will help me out.

    After blogging for so long, I’ve been able to decide on a different niche than when I first started out.

    Yes, I may be blogging on a popular niche, but I know for certain that no one else has my voice. That’s what I’d like to pass on to other bloggers: no one has your unique voice. No one!

    1. Hey Stephanie,
      Sometimes it takes blogging for a while to really find your niche. That’s my opinion anyway. And yes! No one has your unique voice. So if someone says that there’s too many blogs about blogging, or travel, or lifestyle… pfft! There’s always room for one more because no one has your unique experience and voice.

  28. Hi Cath! What fantastic information! I am off to set up a Tailwind account now… What are your favorite Pinterest boards to be a part of? Do you have any tips on strategically selecting which to join? I have recently started a blog myself, http://www.joiningjo.com, and love the sense of community here. Bravo!

    1. Hey Jordan,
      Thanks for commenting! Honestly, when it comes to group boards the more the merrier I say! You could have a look at how many followers the board has and how many pins using PinGroupie.com if you wanted to. 🙂

  29. It’s like you read my mind! My blog is still small potatoes, so the analytics sometimes depress me 🙁 I’m on my trial version of tailwind right now. I don’t know if I like tailwind or board booster better. Which do you like?

    1. Hey Bekah 🙂 Glad the post resonated with you. Sometimes my analytics depress me too – especially when I compare myself to other bloggers (not a good idea!)
      I like both Tailwind and BoardBooster (I have both now), though if it weren’t for my computer being so slow I would have stuck with just Tailwind. Tailwind gives you total control over each of your pins. BoardBooster is more ‘set and forget’ as far as I can tell. I’ve set it to loop my pins, and that’s it so far. I’m looking forward to seeing what results I get using both!

  30. Cath, love these tips! Especially the blog commenting. I didn’t think they did much for my traffic till I went in and saw my analytics once. I still get traffic for comments made a few months back….arrghhh…But I have so fallen out of this and need to get this back into my routine again.

    I’m trying to fall in love with Pinterest but it doesn’t seem to love me as much 😉 I so need to up my Pinterest game. Off to share 🙂

    1. Hey Meera, that’s great! You make good comments 🙂 I’ve fallen out of the routine a little bit too – and the technology keeps failing me.

      I’m sorry to hear Pinterest isn’t showing you the love. I noticed you’ve been trying some different pin styles – I’m sure you’ll hit on one that works for you. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  31. Hey Cath,

    We are so alike mama! Thanks so much for linking to my post on traffic generation tips (the OTHER tips) 🙂 I’ll make sure to mention this post in my newsletter for tomorrow!

    I never realized that I “do that” when I comment. I think when I comment on a new blog, I want to somehow introduce myself without being so overt.

    I guess it’s effective?

    And of course I love Pinterest and FB. I just created a FB page for TwinsMommy! @twinsmommyblog and I’m super excited. No group….yet. I’m just too busy but maybe in the future.

    Love the post and your tips!

    1. Hey Elna,
      Oh I know! Thanks for sharing my post 🙂
      You do great comments – it seems really natural the way you introduce yourself. It’s definitely something I need to work on.
      Nice work creating the FB page 🙂 I’ve thought about creating a FB group before, simply because it’d be nice to have a 2-way conversation with my followers. But I don’t know. Takes a lot of time, and I’ve noticed a lot of FB groups turn into a spam-fest or a ghost town…

  32. Great tips for driving blog traffic, Cath! I really like using Pinterest, especially group boards. I feel like it really gets my blog content out there. I use Tailwind so I just set it and forget it – until my queue needs to be filled again.

    I also try to comment on other blogs at least 3 days a week. Not only does it help with traffic, it also teaches me new things when I’m reading content within my niche.

    1. Hey Kecia 🙂 Yeah, I love Pinterest too! Recently though my laptop crashes out almost every time I visit Pinterest or try queue up on Tailwind. There’s nothing worse than sending 50+ pins to your draft queue only to find out they DIDN’T GO ; ; Crushed! I actually just invested in BoardBooster, and set up looping so even when I can’t queue up, my pins are still pinning.
      Wow you’re good with comments! And I agree, I love getting to read content in my niche too!

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