7 Mistakes You’re Making With Tailwind

mistakes with tailwind

I love Tailwind. It’s my favorite blogging tool by far.

Using it I increased traffic from Pinterest over 900%.

I’ve spent ages going over it, working out what it does and how it all works.

Which is why it pains me to see that so many bloggers have made the (not-so-small) investment to get Tailwind and aren’t even using it properly!

Using Tailwind the wrong way doesn’t help you. It can even hurt your growth.

Here’re the top 7 mistakes I see people making on Tailwind… and how to fix it!

1. Not Using Board Lists

This is probably the most common mistake.

I get it. New tool. Overwhelming interface with loads of buttons and tabs.

But, Board Lists are going to save you metric OODLES of time now that you’ve seen the light and are going to start using them.

…you are going to start using them, right?

Here’s how board lists work:

You create a list of boards. You can name the group whatever you want. Now, when you go to schedule something with Tailwind, if you type the board list name, Tailwind will auto populate all those boards. Time saved!

How you use this:

If you have a set of boards you’re always pinning to, you can create a list for them. Here’s an example:

Amy blogs about frugal activities. Date nights. Holidays. Kid-friendly stuff. She’s always pinning her posts to the same boards over and over – Saving money, Frugal Fun, Budgeting. If she makes a board list, she can pin to all these with the touch of a button.

Where this really stands out is with your group boards. Here are two examples of how you can use board lists to pin to group boards:

Trisha has a long list of group boards. Because she has a niche blog, she’s made sure that all her Pinterest group boards are pretty focused on her niche and she can pin any of her posts to them and they’d fit. Trisha makes a board list that includes all her group boards so she can schedule her new blog post to go out to all of them at once, quickly.

Katie is not a new blogger. She’s got a lot of content and her content does well on Pinterest. She wants to do better though. Katie needs a maintenance strategy for her content. She wants her pins going out daily to different group boards. Katie creates multiple lists of group boards and then changes the order of the lists for each pin she wants to promote. Now she has multiple pins going out to group boards each day without overlapping.

Not a Tailwind user yet? Start a free account and get $15 off a paid membership.

2. Not Batching Your Pinning Sessions

When I first started with Tailwind, I just kinda scheduled whatever took my fancy in whatever order it appeared to me.

Can we say so much time wasted?

Efficiency is important. I barely have time to eat, sleep, or have a shower by myself… so whatever I can do to make things faster is essential.

Here’s what you should do instead:

Schedule content in batches to each of your boards in turn. Here’s an example:

Lauren has a few different boards. She has content about home organization, easy recipes, and fun DIY projects (amongst others.) To pin more efficiently with Tailwind, Lauren seeks out content for each of her boards in turn. This might mean looking in her favorite Tailwind Tribes, her home feed, running a search, or looking at what a favorite pinner has pinned recently. Lauren can add new content to her Tailwind Drafts and then add her board to all her draft pins in a few clicks.

3. Not Using Shuffle

This only really becomes an issue when you’ve fixed up mistake #2. If you’re batching your pins, but not shuffling, you’re going to have big swathes of time where you’re only pinning to one of your boards, and then you’ll move on to the next board. This isn’t very helpful for either your followers or for you.

Luckily, shuffling is super simple to do. You simple click the Shuffle button on your Tailwind schedule. Voila! You’re done. Or, if you want it to be shuffled more, just keep hitting the button.

4. Letting Your Queue Run Empty…

You spent the money on getting a scheduler, but now you’re letting your queue run empty? Ah! If you’re not using it, it’s not giving you any benefit.

There’s a real simple fix for this one, and all it takes is a little organization.

Set aside an hour once or twice a week to fill your queue. And make sure you fill it up until the next date you’ve scheduled to refill. Voila! You’ll never run your queue empty.

5. Not Using Tribes Properly

One of the greatest features of Tailwind is their Tribes feature.

Tribes are sort of like group boards that are ‘Secret’. Everyone in the Tribe can post their content and then should repin other’s content from the pool.

But it doesn’t always work like that…

I actually own a Tribe >>> Blogger’s Chalkboard. (If you blog about the business of blogging, come join us!) So I speak from experience.

Here are some guidelines for friendly tribing:

  • Take note of the Tribe’s niche. Do not post recipes in a blogging/business tribe and vice versa.
  • Repin more than you add to the Tribe, regardless of the rules.
  • Only add content to the Tribe that’s optimized for Pinterest. So, no Instagram repins, square images… (unless specifically allowed by the Tribe’s rules.)
  • Don’t abuse the privilege of Tribe membership by flooding your Tribe with your own pins, affiliate pins, or product pins. Be respectful of your fellow members.

Ready to try Tailwind? Start a free account and get $15 off a paid membership.

6. Not Learning From Your Analytics

Tailwind gives you analytics upon analytics. It’s a little overwhelming.

But, if you aren’t looking into them, you’re missing a prime opportunity to see how well your content is performing.

You can:

  • Identify your best performing content
  • Identify your best (and worst) performing personal boards
  • Identify your best (and worst) performing group boards

7. Not Signing Up for the Affiliate Program Through ShareASale

This mistake is costing you money. It’s all good to get credit for your next year of Tailwind… but I’d prefer to have that money now, in my pocket.

You can sign up to ShareASale and apply to the Tailwind affiliate program. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll be able to start earning $0.50 per free trial member you refer and 15% of any referrals that upgrade to the pro version.

Those commissions add up!

That’s a Wrap

There you have it. The 7 most common mistakes people are making on Tailwind and what to do to fix them. I can guarantee that if you stop making these mistakes, you’ll cut down the time you spend on Pinterest and will also see your results skyrocket. (Seriously)

Over to you – were you making any of these mistakes? Or, think you’ve found another mistake just as good (bad)? Let me know!

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52 thoughts on “7 Mistakes You’re Making With Tailwind”

  1. You can’t change the titles of your pins via Tailwind (yet?). Its a relatively new feature that you can change the title of your pins on Pinterest… so it’s possible Tailwind may work on catching up! If you don’t set a title for a pin, it defaults to the title of your blog post via rich pins.

  2. You definitely don’t want them in a row – you need to either use the Shuffle or Interval features.

    You can pin the same pin more than once a month. Pinterest came out a while back and said not to pin the same pin to the same BOARD too frequently. If you’re pinning to different boards, you’re golden.

    Hope that helps!

  3. I’ve been hesitant to use tailwind board lists for two reasons:

    1. I don’t want the home page view of our pins to look like a bunch of repetitive pins. For example, if I had a pin about uses for coconut oil and I pinned it to a board list containing 7 different boards, then once those go live our home page will show 7 pins of the exact same image and link in a row.

    2. I’ve been told that sharing the same pin more than once a month can have negative repercussions with the Pinterest algorithm. So even if I hit shuffle, the same pin will get shared to various boards multiple times in the same week/month and I’m not sure if that’s risky.

    Do you have thoughts on these?

  4. thanks to you I’ll finally join tailwind. you convinced me 😉
    just one question before I enroll, I played a little bit with the tool and It seems we can’t define titles for our pins. Is it normal or I am missing something?
    titles are important for SEO so I am a little bit confused.

  5. Haha, everyone misses board lists 🙂 they’re such a help! I’m glad you found the article helpful and I hope it saves you loads of time!

  6. Thanks Valerie. Hmm favorite feature – I rather like the ability to upload pins into Tailwind from my computer. Makes Pinterest’s thirst for endless new content a little easier to cope with!!!

  7. A lot of the reviews would be from bloggers who weren’t using any tool and then started using Tailwind – of course you’re going to see crazy high growth from not doing any of the right things on Pinterest to consistently doing what Pinterest wants you to 🙂

    So… if you aren’t currently scheduling your content to Pinterest using a tool like Tailwind, you’ll probably see a lot of growth. If you’re using another Pinterest approved Partner, you probably won’t see the same level of growth 🙂

  8. Definitely add your pin to multiple tribes – though best practice would be not at the same time so if there’s members in multiple tribes they won’t only see your one pin.

  9. You’re welcome 🙂 the number of people who don’t know about board lists… you’re in good company! And now you know about them, you’re going to save so much time!

  10. I haven’t started using Tailwind yet, but it’s definitely on my list. I have reservations, though. I’m trying to find a more balanced set of reviews for using it; it’s statistically impossible for 100% of people to have seen 1000% growth or whatever, so it’d be nice if people would blog when it doesn’t work for them as well haha.

    Great advice though, will definitely be bookmarking this page if I do start using Tailwind!

  11. Hi Cath,

    Thanks for sharing the things you experienced with Tailwind. I got now mistakes or bad experience so far with Tailwind but your blog post is very helpful in case I will encounter those in the future.

    By the way, what’s your favorite feature in the Tailwind tool?


  12. Wow! How did I miss Board Lists? Thank you so much for this super in-depth article! You have helped me more than you know! And I just wanted to take the time to tell you and tell you how much I appreciate you and this article!!! I can’t wait to start using my board lists now. I really think this is going to help me schedule so much faster! Thank you again!!! On to check out more articles! Your blog is AWESOME!


  13. Hi
    Awesome post, Tailwind is also the best approach to grow your Pinterest followers. you shared new thing. Recently I starting a Tailwind and I think shuffling is the best approach.
    I have a question, should I add my pin in multiples tribes?

    Btw Thanks for this awesome guide

  14. Hey Catherine,

    I’m guilty of 3 out of 7 mistakes and feel pretty embarrassed about it. The mistakes look so silly. Thanks a ton for writing this article,

  15. Thanks Uma 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Pinterest sounds like a perfect fit for that content. You’re right that product centred Tribes are difficult to find. You should definitely start one! I’m sure there are loads of people in your situation!

  16. Hi Garrett, sounds like you’re having a hard time of it! Unfortunately, Tailwind is not always a magic bullet for Pinterest success, there’s a lot that goes into it. If your images are top notch, there’s still your niche (does it do well on Pinterest?), your post types (how-to posts and list posts do great on Pinterest – product reviews and really specific posts designed to rank in Google tend to not do so great), and the headlines of your pins (you want to show the benefit of your post and also incite a bit of curiousity to get the click.)

    It really has very little to do with selfishness – most of the time Pinterest users will save a pin because they want to do something with it later. If they click through and read it… they often won’t save it. And if you’re talking about other bloggers being selfish, well most have limited time and with Pinterest coming out and stating that they don’t really care (or give any benefit) if bloggers share others content and that pinning your own content is given a boost compared with pinning others… it’s really a simple matter of time vs. benefit. You might want to try Tailwind Tribes for some reciprocal sharing.

    Pinterest is not as easy or as unsaturated as it once was. Traffic is harder to come by and takes more work. However, it still works and if the best time to start was 5 years ago, well the second best time to start is right now. I don’t enjoy the constant Pinterest changes, ‘fake news’, spammers and bots, but y’know what? It sure beats working at my old day job dancing to somebody else’s tune (and yes, some days I have to remind myself of this!!). You just have to roll with the punches, examine what’s working, what’s not working and why. Then do something about it.

    As far as fake accounts and bots – I have nothing but scorn for people using this junky crappola. This is why we can’t have nice things. I expect I have quite a few fake followers and more who’re no longer interested in what I blog about… but I’m not fazed, I started my Pinterest account over 2 years ago now when it was much easier to spam follow, and interests change over that length of time. *shrugs* I’m ok with that.

  17. GREAT post. I recently started managing the marketing for a family company and am learning all abut SEO and different SM channels. Absolutely hands down, Pinterest is the best one right now for us and Tailwind has been a lifesaver. I’m still getting the hang of it. One thing is that while being a retailer of realistic wall decals for kids from handpainted artwork makes Pinterest a perfect place for us, it has proved difficult to find Tribes that work for us. It ready seems that they are more geared toward blogs and they don’t want product posts. I’d love to find some Tribes work for us. Maybe I should start one! 😉

  18. I’m not having any luck with tailwind, honestly its been proving to be a big waste of time in my opinion. I’ve been using it for 14 days now and still haven’t had a single re-pin or traffic boost whatsoever. Even though my pins are great. They’re readable, crisp, and clear. All images I use are high quality stock photos as well. The internet is full of selfish people these days, nobody wants to share anything with anyone anymore. The days of Pinterest being great as a traffic source tool are getting smaller and smaller. I bet more than 65% of your followers are fake accounts or bots. That’s just how the internet works these days.

  19. Hi Martina, I don’t use Tailwind for Instagram. Actually, I don’t use Instagram at all. You’ll need to give it permission to post and comment in your name so that you can schedule your Instagram posts via Tailwind and then have it post at the right time on your behalf. Tailwind is a legit, approved app so I don’t think you’re in any danger by using it.

  20. Hello,

    I wanted to use it for instagram and was wandering what exactly it wants to post like and comment in my name…? Its the only thing stopping me from using the app

    Thank you

  21. Hi Spencer
    I don’t believe you can see that info… sadly! You could try monitoring your own results (submit content at different times and then see how well it does and if there’s a trend). One thing I like to do is use Tribes almost daily and at slightly different times so you’re hitting a lot of different times.

  22. This is a great article as I’m just getting into tribes. Is there an optimal time to share your pins to tribes? Or a way to find out? (I know I can do that for Pinterest)

  23. There’s no hard and fast rule. Some stick with 30 pins per day. I know others who recommend up to 70. Personally, I do 30-50 pins a day.

  24. Haha, oh me too… Tailwind has been a game changer for my blogs and if you’re spending the money you really do need to be using it properly 🙂 Might as well get the most bang for your buck!

  25. Wow… so I haven’t had any luck with Tribes in my first 2 weeks. Not one person shared any of my pins even though they looked great.
    Within a few hours on Bloggers Chalkboard I had 18. Very cool. Thank you so much! I love this site and the articles have been incredibly helpful.

  26. Another fantastic post! One question I never see asked/answered anywhere is… how many times per month do you schedule. Maybe it would be better to ask pins per day? Is there a sweet spot?

  27. Yesyesyes! These are all mistakes I’ve made at one point or another and it kills me looking back that I wasn’t doing these things sooner! Honestly I owe Tailwind a lot for my increased Pinterest followers and blog traffic, so it’s definitely important to use it to its full potential! Great post 🙂

  28. Ok, I’m sure you’ve heard this enough, but THANK YOU! I’ve been reading lots on this topic as I just got started with Tailwind yesterday, and I can honestly say this has been one of the most helpful posts. You are awesome, thank you again 🙂

  29. Board lists are awesome! I’m always surprised when people haven’t discovered them yet. To make sure you’re only pinning once a day to different boards, you’ll need to be a bit regimented. For example, you’ll need to use the exact same order of boards and then simply set each pin to start one day after each other. Or you can try Suzi Whitford’s semi-looping strategy.

  30. Thank you for this information. I use board list, I even made different types of boards and let them go one after other. I even set an inteval, but how do I make sure that I do not pin on the same board same day, as some groups want only one pin a Day.

  31. Hey Shelly
    That’s no problem! You can join ShareASale and apply to the Tailwind affiliate program any time. Many bloggers simply use the referral program within Tailwind (that gives you a free month of credit), but I prefer to get the cash!

  32. Hi Cath,

    I’m new to this whole affiliate marketing thing, and I came upon your blog AFTER I joined Tailwind. I didn’t join ShareASale first. Is there a way to do it after the fact, or am I out of luck?


  33. Hi Cath! I have a question and since you own a tribe, I thought I would ask you! What is an acceptable amount of times someone can share their own pins to a tribe? I’ve been sharing other pins like crazy but don’t want to overdo it on my own pins. Thanks!

  34. Pingback: 11 Pinterest Blog Posts that Will Make You an Expert in No Time -

  35. I recently started using Tailwind more seriously. I guess the shuffling and the batching pins are some excellent tips to follow. I really love Blogger’s Chalkboard! It’s a wonderful tribe.

  36. Hi Janna, I’m glad you found the post helpful! There are so many people not using Tailwind to it’s full capabilities… I wanted to change that!

  37. Thank you thank you for sharing this! I just signed up for Tailwind and am still trying to figure it out. Your tip #7 is so good, I would never have known that otherwise.

  38. Hi Lyndsey
    I usually only share Tribe pins to my personal boards because I’m always looking for good quality content to pin to my own boards (without spending ages looking for it). I don’t worry about whether the pins have a high pin count in the Tribe, but I do make sure that the pins look attractive and are relevant to my audience.

  39. Hey Megan
    Glad you liked the article! Batching is the only way I manage to pin so many pins a day without going crazy. Unfortunately, you can’t send Tribe pins to draft, which means Tribes take a little bit more time and effort.

  40. Hey, this article is super helpful, thank you!!

    I did have one question though, on your suggestion to batch pins, you mention putting your pins in your drafts (brilliant!), but how do you put a pin from your tailwind tribe into drafts?

  41. Thanks Louise 🙂 There’re a lot of great people in the Chalkboard tribe! I’m so glad that you’re getting results from it.

    That tip is brilliant! Thank you. I’m off to check my Google Analytics right now!

  42. Hey Cath! I didn’t know you’re the Chalkboard tribe owner. It’s the best! I just stopped sharing to all but 3 tribes because I get such an infinitesimal % of traffic from tribes, and spend too much time finding good content to pin. But yours is tops!

    Did you know you can track your tribes traffic? So cool. It’s under Acquisition > Campaigns.

  43. Oh Jordyn, that must’ve taken you forever!!! I’m so glad you learned about board lists from my posts. Here’s to saving time! Cheers, Cath

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