How to Launch Your Blog with a Bang – Get Readers and Subscribers from Day 1

Ever launched a blog expecting to make a big splash but… nothing happened?

You were sending post after post out into the ether. No readers (not even your mom), no comments, no shares.  Why?

It wasn’t that your content wasn’t good.

And it wasn’t that you weren’t blogging frequently enough.  You were working your fingers to bone every day getting out another post.

Maybe you were even employing a bit of SEO and churning out awkward blog headlines like How to choosing a domain name (did I do that? oops!)

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can launch a successful blog and have readers from day 1.

First things first though, if you haven’t started a blog before, you need to read this post at the same time as my step-by-step how to start a blog tutorial found here. Just click that link to open it up in a new tab and follow along as it guides you through the tech side of starting up.

On with the show…

Why You Need To Launch Your Blog

The main benefits of doing a launch for your blog are:

  • You start out with traffic to your blog. It might only be a small, but that’s better than none.
  • You begin building your network of blog bff’s before you even start blogging.
  • You can start making money from your blog quite quickly

A blog launch is a shortcut – you get to avoid the awkward, painful and lonely stage of blogging and skip straight to the good stuff.

So are you with me?

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The Secret Formula that Will Get You Readers, Subscribers and Affiliate Commissions the first week

I’m going to cut right to the chase here:

Pinterest is a bloggers secret weapon when it comes to launching.

There’s no barrier to entry, no sandbox, nothing like that. You don’t have to pay to play. Post and hope. Nuh uh.

Using Pinterest, I started a brand new site mid July 2017 and had 5,000 pageviews in those first two weeks… the next month my blog had over 21,000 pageviews.

Parenting Blog Launch Results

If you’re an experienced blogger and you know how to monetize, that equals instant traffic to send to your money making offers. CHA-CHING!

If you’re a new blogger, that means you’ve got TRAFFIC to test out all those new things you’re learning about opt-in freebies, affiliate links and conversions.

Because if you’re blogging, you need traffic.

Preparing to Launch

There are a few things you need to do before launching your blog:

  1. Research Phase
  2. Design Foundations.
  3. Content, content, content.
  4. Your Launch Strategy.

Step 1: Research Phase

There are four parts to this one:

  • Know what you’re going to blog about;
  • Know your audience;
  • Know your fellow bloggers; and,
  • Know the type of content that does well in your niche.

What Should You Blog About?

For your Pinterest-Powered Blog Launch Plan to work, you need to choose a topic that’s popular on Pinterest.

Easy, right?

That means you’re looking at niches like:

  • Parenting
  • Food
  • DIY/Home decor
  • Health/Fitness
  • Frugal Living
  • Making money

Want to read more about choosing a niche and starting a blog from scratch? Check out my how to guide here.

Knowing Your Audience

So, this is where other blogs talk about how to workshop your perfect customer to the point where you know their name, shoe size and what they had for breakfast two days ago…

I’m a bit lazy and I prefer to just go with your ideal audience is YOU.

Done! Wasn’t that a lot quicker?

So if you are a mom, blog for moms. If you are a college student, blog for college students. If you are a retiree, blog for retirees…

(Disclaimer – this won’t necessarily work in every niche, so feel free to make up a reader persona if you like)

P.S. this step is not a huge big deal – because you’re going to be targeting Pinterest readers with your blog launch you can be a bit loose with your target audience.

Take Action

  • Decide if your audience is you or, make up a persona of your ideal reader.

Checking Out the Bloggers

If this is your first blog, you’re probably thinking that this is the step where you have to go size up your competition.

No way! Adjust your thinking friend – other bloggers are not your competition. They are your new best friends.

Here’s the thing – these bloggers have what you want. An audience. There are plenty of ways you can network with them for a piece of the pie.

For example:

  • Interacting on social media
  • Leaving comments on their blog posts
  • Guest posting
  • Collaborations

So get to know who they are, what they focus on and where they are most active on social media (for our purposes, you definitely want to choose bloggers with an active Pinterest presence).

The other great thing about finding successful bloggers in your niche? That means your niche has potential! If there was no one else doing anything similar… well I’d think twice about that idea to be honest.

Take Action

  • Find and bookmark 10 blogs in your niche and
  • Follow the bloggers on social media after setting up accounts for your blog.
Ready to launch your blog with a bang?

This is the very checklist I used to launch my newest blog.

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Go for Gold Plated Content

How do you know what content is popular in your niche? Without having a crystal ball?

Well my friend, let me introduce you to an awesome tool called BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo returns search results for your topic ranked by number of shares.

You can enter a topic or you can enter the url of one of the blogs in your niche you just found in the last step…

You probably guessed it, but yes, BuzzSumo will show you exactly what blog posts have received the most shares from that url.

No more guessing what might be popular content!

Sort by top Pinterest shares of course and you’ll see exactly what’s doing well on Pinterest in your niche.

Those are the broad topic ideas you want to write first.

Also take note what kind of posts they are. Are they list posts? How to’s? Do they have lots of images? Are they roundups? You’ll want to do similar types of content.

Take Action

  • Use Buzzsumo and make notes of the headlines and topics that are most shared in your niche.
  • Read as many of the blog posts as you can. You’ll use this information to make your own blog posts better!

Build Your Foundation

This is where you get to go into the nitty-gritty of design and setting up your website.

Let’s be real here – design is important, but it’s not that important.

Basic is best. And you shouldn’t waste too much time on it.

Here’s your bare minimum for design:

  1. Go buy and install a professional WordPress theme (I recommend an Elegant Themes membership – install Divi and the Divi Builder, Bloom and Monarch and you’re good to go).
  2. Choose a color scheme for your site using
  3. Choose one or two fonts to use on your site.
  4. Create a simple, text-based logo. (Literally, write the name of your site. You’re done.)
  5. Sign up for a free Canva account and download my free Pinterest templates to use for your pin graphics.

By the way – if you’re a design junkie, pro tip (from experience) – set yourself a time limit on how long you’re going to play designer. You’ll get to evolve your design as your blog evolves. And, uh, keep it simple. Seriously.

Take Action

Crack on With Content

When you launch, you gotta have more than just one post up on your site.

In fact, this is pretty much the key to getting a large number of views in the first week/month. You gotta give people options.

When I launched my blog in July, I was aiming for 30 posts. (I know, that’s a lot!) I only ended up finishing 24 of them… but it was still enough to catapult my pageviews.

Go back to those post ideas you researched using Buzz Sumo.

Write them.

Write as many as you can stand.

Then format them, create 1-5 pin graphics for each post, and upload them into WordPress ready to publish.

Take Action

  • Write a kickass about me page.
  • Write as many posts as you can that you KNOW will be popular in your niche.
  • Create at least one opt-in freebie you can advertise in your sidebar and in your posts.
  • Create 1-5 pin graphics for every post (the more you make, the more chances you get at your post/s going viral).

Your Pinterest-Powered Launch Strategy

The section in which we harness the power of social media and Pinterest to launch your blog with a bang!

Step 1: Start a Pinterest Business Account

The first thing you need to do is set up your Pinterest account for your blog.

You can find instructions on how to do that in my Ultimate Guide to Getting Started on Pinterest.

I recommend starting a new account rather than converting a personal account as Pinterest factors in your follower engagement in determining how far your content will be spread.

You’ll need to:

  • start a business account
  • claim your website
  • set up rich pins

Step 2: Use Niche-Related Keywords in Your Profile and Boards

You can find keywords to use by searching on Pinterest.

Create at least 10 new boards for your account.

Step 3: Sign up for a Tailwind Account

You’ll ideally be pinning 10-30 times a day on Pinterest… which takes time. You can get around this by using my favorite scheduling tool, Tailwind.

It’s best if you start pinning for your account before your blog launch, so that Pinterest starts to ‘get to know you’. You might even get lucky (like I did) and have a third party pin go viral! That’ll give your board a boost for months to come.

Use Tailwind to schedule out high quality content from others in your niche to your new boards. The best thing about Tailwind is you can batch your pinning out. I recommend spending an hour or two just filling up your scheduler queue a month out from your launch.

Join Tailwind now!

Step 4: Join Tailwind Tribes in Your Niche

Tailwind Tribes played a big role in my early success. Many bloggers will say group boards, group boards, group boards… but they’re SO hard to get onto as a brand new blogger.

With Tribes, you can avoid that entirely.

Get into as many as you can, and if you can swing it I recommend upgrading your account level. On the basic level, you can only join 5 Tribes and share 30 pins a month. That’s nothing. You want at least 80, preferably 200 submissions a month. And you’re going to use them all… once you’ve launched your blog of course.

Join Tailwind now!

Step 5: Write, Publish and Promote Your Content

Here’s where we get down to the nitty-gritty. Where you’ve got to do the hard work.

Writing blog posts is hard… and it’s pretty darn hard to write them up front.

But the pay off will be worth it once you see the pageviews rolling in.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Write and upload your blog posts to WordPress.
  2. Create 1-5 pin graphics (using those templates I gave youper post
  3. Publish 5 posts a day (you can back date them so it looks better) until you’ve published them all.
  4. Every time you publish a post, save the pin graphics to your most relevant board on Pinterest. Then add them to your queue in Tailwind, schedule them to all your relevant boards, and hit shuffle so they mix in with your upcoming content.
  5. Every day, share pins in your Tailwind Tribes. You’ll get maximum results if you share different pins in each Tribe… but it’ll take longer. You find the balance for you.

Step 6: Watch It Grow

Watching your Google Analytics go up is one of the most exciting parts of blogging.

Here’s what you can do now you’ve got traffic:

  • watch for your most popular posts and optimize them! Add ads, affiliate links, links to your other posts… whatever you can do to make your post better and more likely to make money. Do it!
  • write more of the types of content your audience is enjoying. Turn a blog post into the start of a series and then link all the posts back together.

Step 7: Maintaining Momentum

How do you maintain momentum on your blog when you’ve just exerted phenomenal effort getting all those posts done and pins created?

Here’s an idea: instead of publishing ALL the posts you created, save four or five to keep you covered for the next few weeks. Take a break to regroup. (You probably need it!)

The thing with Pinterest is it likes fresh content. You’ll have best results if you publish consistently.

Other Social Media

And here are some ways you can get even more traffic for your launch from Twitter and Facebook:


For Twitter to be effective for your launch you need to have at least some followers. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get them! Twitter users tend to follow you back if you follow them, so get to following.

You can grow your following by:

  • Following bloggers in your niche (and following their followers)
  • Every time you read a niche related article – Tweet it out! For bonus points, personalize it by adding a comment.
  • Retweet or like tweets from the bloggers you are following.

Harnessing Twitter power for launch:

  • Tweet updates about you blog launch countdown;
  • Generate anticipation with some teasers; and,
  • On launch day, schedule different tweets to go out throughout the day announcing your launch.

If you want to read more about Twitter launch strategy, hop on over to visit Miranda Nahmias. She did a fantastic job of launching her blog and she blogged all about it here. Oh and, it’s really paid off (check out her income reports).

Take Action

  • Follow all the bloggers you found during the research stage, and follow some of their followers. Make it a habit to follow a few new people in your niche every day.
  • Read and tweet at least one niche related article a day.
  • Retweet or like at least one tweet a day.
  • Start tweeting about your upcoming blog, try to build anticipation.
  • Learn how to use Hootsuite to automate your tweets for launch day.

Facebook Groups

When it comes to promoting your blog, you need to get into Facebook groups. There are dozens and dozens of blogger groups, some for support, some for shares and follows or all three.

Facebook groups are a great way to promote your content after you launch too.

Want access to the most comprehensive list of Facebook groups ever? Click here!

How does it work? Ok. Two ways:

  1. Introduction post – most groups invite new members to make a post introducing themselves and their blog/business.
  2. Actively generating interest using teasers and asking for feedback in the group.

You definitely want to keep a good relationship with your Facebook Group buddies. From now on, every time you publish a new post, you need to get involved with Facebook promotions.

Take Action

  • Choose 5-10 Facebook groups to join and get active.
  • Let people know you’ve launched on the day!

That’s Such a Wrap.

Ok, so I probably let the cat outta the bag a bit too much on this post. Oops. Anyways, go forth and conquer y’all!


63 thoughts on “How to Launch Your Blog with a Bang – Get Readers and Subscribers from Day 1”

  1. Wow… You took it to the next level. This post is what I needed. I just started my new blog and I’m working hard to develop it. I don’t want to make the same mistakes I made with my other blog in the past so I will be implementing most of the steps you mentioned here even if I know that creating 20/30 articles in a month won’t be that easy. But it’s doable ??

  2. Get it out there 🙂 There’s so much to learn, but you’ll learn so much more by doing. If you’re having trouble getting started, just pick one or two things to focus on at first. Perhaps you’ll go for Pinterest marketing or Twitter – learn how to get some traction there and move on to the next thing!

  3. Thanks Sharon 🙂 I’m glad you found the post helpful! Some niches are a little harder to get traction on Pinterest than others, but its almost always worth it to try!

  4. Great work on launching your blog 🙂 it is SO nerve wracking but you can do it! And it gets easier as you go along.

  5. Wow!!! A checklist that cuts through the drama! Hey, I think I can do this. Went to BuzzSumo and found three top articles that were already on my “to write” list. Found people to follow, etc. Here’s how I found you, I was searching on what exactly soft launch meant and what needs to be done before you do it. Printing your checklist out and checking it twice!

  6. Hi Cath
    What a great post! Too bad I didn’t read it before I launched my blog last month, would have launched with a bang lol but still I have learnt a lot. Thanks a lot! Currently, my main source of traffic is Pinterest and I am also using a Tailwind free plan and I am loving the outcome. I have managed to reach 600+ pageviews with 6 posts I am now planning to join facebook and twitter and follow your advice,

    Used to pin your pins without visiting your site, I must say I MISSED A LOT. Love your site and your writing voice!
    Stay blessed

  7. I’ve worked super hard for the last 3 months. I think I’m ready to launch. Tomorrow! In honor of my dad who passed 9 years ago. He would be my biggest fan if he were still around.
    Anyway, this article was awesome. I definitely learned things from it and will be incorporating it into my new found blogging journey.

  8. Hey! I am so glad I stumbled on this blog post. I just officially announced my blog is launching soon on IG but I feel like I still have a lot of work to do to get my blog ready to launch. The information you have provided will surely help me. Thank you so much! I am really nervous abt a launching.

    Gbeke @simplicityfordesigns

  9. Thank you so much, I definitely need this! I just got my blog to the point where I consider it ready for people to see–but I have no idea what to do next! There’s so much to learn about blogging and I appreciate how you’ve broken it down so there’s a roadmap to follow.

  10. Loved this post, important info needed and an easy, enjoyable read

    Currently doing a soft launch of my blog to learn on the go.. such a nerve wracking experience!

    I’d love for you to check it out (:

    I’ll definitely be reading your other posts to help me along my journey!


  11. Hi Auriel, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! Honestly, after bumbling my way through many ideal audience exercises I realised I was pretty much describing myself anyway… haha. Plus, we’re in the best place to help people just like us (or who were just like us) take the next step forward. I aimed for 30 posts… didn’t quite get there but decided to go for it anyway! My advice would be set a date and launch – don’t wait! Once you’ve launched you’re going to want to get into a posting rhythm and if you exhaust yourself or burn out from writing too many posts to start with it’ll be hard to keep the momentum going. If I were going to launch another blog, I’d consider even keeping a few posts unpublished and in reserve in case I fall off my post cycle. Good luck with your launch!

  12. Thanks Jolene, I’m glad you found it helpful 🙂 It is hard to find something slightly more detailed than just the ‘this is how you start a WordPress account’… 😉 which is why I wrote the post! Glad it helped.

  13. Hi Catherine, I this was one of the best posts I’ve read on launching a blog! So much more detailed than other and I like the way you broke things all the way down with action steps. I really love your tip to use yourself as your ideal audience. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into who my target audience is and just thinking of myself as the reader (at least for now) makes it so much easier. I’m a new blogger, but haven’t officially launched yet (i.e. promoted it). I have about 10 posts on my blog and I know you aimed to have 30 before launching. But I’m going to try your strategies and hope to officially launch in the next few weeks. Thanks for this post and will be reading more!

  14. This is awesome! Thank you for posting something actually helpful!! I am working to launch my blog and I just keep finding the same regurgitated info over and over. This has been really eye opening.

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  16. I have been doing insane research on how to get a blog up and running and have at least 30 tabs open at any given time. This post has replaced a good percentage of those tabs !! Clear, easy to understand and has boosted my confidence in the process by a gazillion.
    I am still in the research phase but not I am a whole lot closer to launching now
    Thanks so much Catherine !

  17. Hi,
    I really enjoyed reading this post. This is all very valuable information! It’s easy to read, follow, and understand.
    Thanks for the advice and help!

  18. Thanks Hayfa! Yeah, it used to be a bit more like that… but these days you need to spend a lot of your time promoting your blog if you want to see traction. You can do it 🙂 And feel free to stop by any time!

  19. Arrrgh….I got into this blogging malarkey thinking “If you build it, they will come” aka Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams. It’s not really like that, is it! At least I know now what I’m getting into, it’s pretty daunting but I am determined to do it. Will definitely be back to your blog! 🙂

  20. Oh no! Don’t want to terrify you out of launching, Svitlana! 20 posts in 2 days is a bit crazy… I think you should launch anyway 🙂 You’ll learn so much as you go along.

  21. Okay… You’ve got me running in circles now. I’m simultaneously excited and terrified.
    Because I need to write 20 posts in two days now. Can I do this??? lol
    I might need to push that launch date back a little.
    But what an amazing thing you do here. Thanks!!

  22. Thanks La Jones 😀 Glad you liked the post! How exciting you’re launching soon 🙂 Make sure you drop back and tell me what your blog is!

  23. What an AMAZING write up! Very detailed, insightful, and easy to read. I will be referring back to this often as I prepare for a (hopeful) September launch of my blog! Thank you so much. You’ve definitely gained a new follower 🙂

  24. Hi Frances, glad you enjoyed the post! It’s a bit hard to find ‘real followers’ in blogger groups (unless you blog about blogging). Blogger groups are generally full of your peers, not your potential followers. You’re best bet for these groups is to network and make friends with other bloggers who will share your content with their audience.

    To promote without being too self-promotional, I recommend answering people’s questions and taking time to help other’s out. You might also make the occasional informational post to the group, for example, I might make a post in a blogger group about recent changes to Pinterest and what that means for bloggers.

    Hope that helps!

  25. Hi Cath! Very helpful post, so thanks for writing it. I am in the pre-launch phase of my blog and this was a great detailed post that explain how to launch a blog. I have a couple of questions if you might be able to help.

    How do you gain real followers who are interested in your niche in blogger groups?

    How do you promote without self-promoting?


  26. Hi Jane 🙂 thanks for replying! It’s so overwhelming when you’re just starting out on your blog. I like to think about who you want to help with your blog. Once you nail that down, you’ll know a bit better what to write about. Exercises and healthy recipes are very popular – one way to include posts like that (if you don’t want to write your own) would be to do roundups of other’s content (blog posts or YouTube videos). Hope that helps! Keep it simple, do what’s easiest for you to get started and don’t feel like you have to do everything at once. 😀

  27. Hi Cath!
    Wonderful and very helpful post. I really learned alot here. I ve been trying to start my blog for a while now, but feel so stuck and overwhelmed. I am aimimg for the health and wellness niche but am a bit unceratain as it appears the blogs that do well have alot to do with exercises and healthy recipes, but i dont do any of that. so not sure. I am an RN so I do know about health from that background and I am passionate about that. so hope that will work. Oh and I like the tip about avoiding getting stuck in the design mode and to keeping it simple. Thank you!

  28. Hey Joni
    Sorry to take a while to reply! Here’s what launching a blog means to me: it means having a plan, your pages up and ready for traffic, several blog posts ready to go before you start promoting. So, I guess yeah it’s that promotion part that’s key.

    I just recently launched a new blog and what I did was set up a landing page (using ConvertKit) and I set that as my homepage. I then published my posts and pages throughout the month I was working on the blog, then changed my homepage to my actual homepage. (If you need help doing this, let me know – happy to give you a hand.)

    It’s definitely ok to get your domain name and social media accounts now – in fact you definitely should. 🙂 I hope that helps. Any questions, drop me a line!

  29. Hi Cath, I feel like this is a really silly question, but what exactly does it mean to launch a blog? Is it just a promotional push once everything is ready? Do you set up your website and have your pages ready and 5 (or more) posts drafted and then just publish them all on launch day, or do you write your posts and about page, etc in word documents and wait to even set up your website until you’re ready to launch? Is it ok to snag my domain name and social media accounts and just let them sit while I figure out my content and freebies and everything else? I’m a complete newbie to the blogging world and want to get started, but feel stuck on whether to build my actual site first or not. I hope you understand what I’m trying to ask!

  30. Hey Mona, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! There’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to blogging, but the best thing you can do when you’re new is just to start. Don’t hold back – you’ll learn much more by getting started than by reading other people’s blog posts.
    Feel free to email me ( if you need more guidance. I’d love to help you.

  31. Wow, what a wonderful blog post! I am struggling with starting my blog because of the overwhelming information you find online. I have set up my website, but I just really don’t know what I am doing really. I have blogs written, waiting to be published, but I still feel not ready.
    But your post definitely helps and I love the “take action” lists. Besides that, do you do coaching or can you recommend someone who can help me launch my blog and who supports and teaches me. I really need someone who walks me through everything because I will always find more info that discourages me to finally get started.
    Thank you!!

  32. Hey Jess
    Congrats on launching your blog with a plan 🙂 There’s no hard and fast rule about when you should start promoting your blog. You could honestly start now if you wanted to. You could create a free download and a landing page and start building your email list before you launched.

    So yeah… start whenever you’re ready!

  33. Hi Cath! I’m launching a blog on March 1. How far in advance do you think I should start promoting over social media and following prospective readers? I’m thinking two weeks to a month, but I have no real basis for that number. Thanks for your help!

  34. Hey Joanne, thanks for stopping by. Wow! That’s amazing, 11 posts and 80 followers already. The thing you need to know about SEO is that it’s a long term game. For a new site, it takes a while for Google to decide where it wants to put you. It’s perfectly normal to take up to 6 months or more before you start to get traffic from Google.
    Honestly, as a new blogger, I’d focus more on bringing in social media traffic. Use keywords (more about that here), but don’t worry too much about Google.

    PS. I love Italian food and I totally want to eat all your recipes right now! I’m bookmarking you 🙂

  35. I’ve enjoyed this article. I started my blog only one week ago. I have 11 posts so far with 80 followers mostly from Facebook because I started a FB page. I just don’t understand how readers will find me through SEO. I can find me on Google unless I put in my web address. I’m so confused. Help!

  36. Aww thanks Miranda 🙂 I absolutely loved your reports on your blog launch – I’d never thought about starting a new blog that way before! Now I can’t wait to start another blog, just so I can do a launch 😀

    I’m glad you love my blog 😀 thank you, it means a lot! And thanks for popping me into your rotation 🙂

  37. Oh my gosh, you are such a sweetie!!!! Thank you so much for linking to me 🙂 Your blog is so adorable, I’m a new big fan! I’ll definitely be adding this post to my social media rotation 😀

  38. No worries Bani. Blogging can be great fun! And we’re all still learning (at least, I am anyway), never get too big to learn something new.

  39. While I generally do write for Moms, I hope you can still find information you can use for your niche. I totally agree, I hate huge newsletter popups. Especially if I can’t close them on my mobile device. I’m not going to sign up to something I haven’t even read yet.

    Glad you enjoyed my tips 🙂 It should work in any niche.

  40. Hi Hillary, glad you enjoyed this post. I struggle with the ‘other bloggers aren’t competition’ too on occasion. BUT, mentioning and linking to other bloggers is a great opportunity to build a relationship with them. I like to remind myself that most people read multiple blogs and providing the best content (whether that’s my work or someone else’s) will keep them coming back.

  41. That’s great to hear 🙂 Yes, blogging is a different kind of writing! Google + is one platform I haven’t really tried yet, maybe you have a lesson or two to teach me there!

    I’d encourage you to join a couple of Facebook groups and get a feel for it. There’s always a lot going on – collaborations, promotions, goal setting. Its great!

  42. Hi Garrick, glad you liked it 🙂 I didn’t mean to write so much, but its such an interesting topic and there’s so much to say. I hope this helps you and others get started.

    Its hard to answer questions about how long it would take any one person to make money from a blog. It depends on your audience and your own knowledge and skills. In the example I gave, Miranda started making money in her first month and her income is increasing each month. The difference there is that she is offering services (which is a great idea) and not just relying on affiliate links or adsense revenue. She’s also been a blogger for a while, and knows what she’s doing.

  43. Hi Julius, well I don’t know… if you read the post I linked to from Miranda Nahmias, she had more page views on her first day than I had in my whole first two months blogging here and she’s consistently increasing her income each month.

    Granted, she really knows what she’s doing (this isn’t her first blog) and she also offers services (which most of her income is from).

    You’re right that Google takes time to recognize you, but social media is all about networking. Social media can be as fast or as slow as you want it to be.

    Anyway, hope I gave you something to think about 🙂

  44. Hi Jovo, thanks for reading and commenting – there is definitely more than one way to go about building an online business, so I don’t want you to feel like you’ve done things wrong. I launched this site without any bang too so we both have to work on building up our traffic. SEO is a long game, so if all I’ve managed to do is get you thinking about other ways you can get people to your content, I’m happy!

  45. Hi Cath You have lots of great information it’s just too bad that even being new to blogging, I’m not in your niche because of my sex. I’m not a mama or a girlfriend. when I’m reading a blog and the screen is blacked out with a news letter sign up form I normally log-out.
    Your tips (buzz sumo) and your leading by example with links to other sites were very helpful. I like your work I hope my comment is helpful for you.

  46. I started my blog about 4 months ago and while it is growing steadily, I definitely learned a lot from this post–such as “other bloggers are not your competition”–this is really important! I sometimes worry that other bloggers with similar content will steal my readers LOL but that’s not the right approach at all LOL! I’m learning slowly but surely. Thanks for the post.

  47. Awesome post, Cath. Though I have been writing most of my life, blogging is quite different. I am glad I knew a bit about marketing before I started, or I would seriously be lost! I always encourage anyone starting a venture to be avid social media users, it’s necessary! I believe my biggest hump to concur is still my social media channels! I never know if I should post on the days when I haven’t posted…or what? Lol (posts every other day). I’m doing fine with Google + but the others are seriously lacking! You have a new reader! ☺️☺️

  48. Garrick Breaux

    This is a great article. I am very impressed with your content and the way you constructed your information.

    This is a topic that we all need to get refreshed on. Especially if you want to make money with a blog.

    I am in the process of developing my own unique blog for my niche and your article will definitely help me on my journey.

    I will like and share with my social media network so that if they are looking to get into this game your blog will help them.

    My questions to you would be how long would it take for you to see results and when could you start to make money with your blog?

    Thanks again,

  49. This is extremely useful and informative, thanks. However I still think there isn’t really a way to start making money or getting lots of readers on day 1.

    That’s simply not how Google and Social Media works. They start to recognize you just after some time, not right away.

    But these tips you mentioned do help speed the proccess a lot.

  50. I am reading this text with rather mixed feeling. I just launched two sites a couple of weeks ago, and according to what you are suggesting here, I have missed to do many things. I have given up from Facebook and Twitter long ago, those media are just not for me. So definitely I launched them without any bang. But I have no problem with the fact that they are going to develop slowly, ready for this. I rely on SEO and organic traffic, and this must take time. So, I do not know, perhaps you are right, then this is a bad news for me. Thank you.

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