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Have you ever wondered how other bloggers juggle life, motherhood, and blogging? How they manage to do so much and still rock at blogging and creating innovative products?

Today, I’m interviewing Dara Brewton from Like Sara But With A D and Just Add Blog, a subscription box for bloggers (intrigued? Read on!)

Hey Dara, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed! I’m really interested to hear your take on blogging and also about your subscription box for bloggers, Just Add Blog.

Can you share a bit of your story? When did you start your blog and what got you into online business?

I am a former Coast Guard brat born in Georgia but travelled the U.S. for pretty much all of my childhood. I now live in North Carolina with my husband and two lovely children. I started blogging a little over two years ago because I was feeling a little bored, and I needed something to fulfil my creative urges. I chose blogging due to my Pinterest obsession. I never really knew that blogging was something you could just choose to do! I basically thought someone hired you to write for their site or something. I had no idea that you could just pop your own site up and viola! Blogger.

What has been the most successful action you have taken to grow your blog/business?

Consistency. I would have to say the being consistent is the absolute best way to grow. Be consistent in your blogging and posting schedule, be consistent in the types of content you put out there, and be consistent in your marketing efforts. In the past two years, I have gone through spells of neglect, usually due to life circumstances, but the times where I am consistent and stick to my schedule are the times that my numbers grow!

What is the biggest mistake you see new bloggers making right now?

Well, I don’t think this problem is just a new blogger problem, but I really hate when a blog will not even load because of all the ads and popups. I consume a lot of blogs and read a lot of posts everyday. Blogs are where I get most of my dinner recipes, home improvement tips, and what I read for entertainment. I will click out in a hot second if the page won’t load because your ads are just too much. I was attempting to read an article on a very big and well known site the other day, and it literally reloaded and put me back at the top three times. I never finished the article because it was just too annoying to try and find my place over and over again.

That would be so annoying! I’m not a big fan of ads myself.

What’s your number one tip for bloggers to grow?

Well…I guess I kinda answered this one already. I’m gonna go with consistency. Final answer. 😉

How quickly can a new blogger expect to see success?

I guess that depends on what they consider success. I felt successful the first time someone asked me for blogging advice. Blogging can be a lonely game sometimes, and it can feel a bit like you are shouting to the void. So, the first time someone messaged me to ask a blogging question, I was like “me? You want to ask me?” I felt like a total star.

However, I think if your measure of success is being a six figure blogger, it could take a minute. Blogging is really more of a long distance game, and not so much a sprint.

Haha, very true! So, this is a big question… how to do you stay grounded?

I struggle with this one. I have a bad habit of biting off more than I can chew and thinking I have the ability to do way more in any given time period than is humanly possible. This doesn’t apply just to blogging. I totally think I can cram a 5 hour drive into 4 hours or get two kids ready and out the door in 15 minutes (the drive is probably more likely!)

I have worked really hard to get my time management skills under control to keep myself from being overwhelmed. I developed a “to-do” list system using Trello that has helped immensely. Actually, I showed it to a blogger buddy that loved it so much, she convinced me to create a course so other people can harness the power of Trello. I am hoping to launch in a few weeks!

That sounds super helpful. There are always so many things to do when you’re blogging… What’s your favorite part of your business/es? What do you enjoy most?

My favorite part of blogging is the creation. I love brainstorming ideas, coming up with posts, and creating graphics. I also get really pumped about learning new things! I had to learn a little coding to get my subscription site up and running the way I envisioned, and you would think I learned how to do brain surgery! I was so proud of myself 😀

I know the feeling! Conquering something techy gives me that buzz too. Have you got any awesome advice for new bloggers?

If you aren’t having fun then what’s the point! Blogging should be something that you want to do because it could be a very long time before you see any sort of return on your time or investment. So, if you aren’t enjoying the process…

Great advice! Now tell us about Just Add Blog… 

I will be happy to tell you! Just Add Blog is a digital monthly subscription “box” just for bloggers! It goes out on the 15th of each month and contains things like stock photos, templates, fonts, clip art, eguides etc etc etc. Basically, everything that a blogger needs to grow their blogging empire!

I came up with the idea because I subscribe to the Ipsy glam bag. I was driving home one day, and I was thinking that my Ipsy bag would likely be in the mailbox that day. I was super excited because it is so fun to get that little surprise bag of goodies, but then I remembered that I don’t really use that many beauty products and most months I give everything to my teenage daughter. What I really needed was an Ipsy bag for my blog! I went to good ol’ Google and tried to find one, but I couldn’t. As far as I could find, nothing like that existed. So, I made my own.

Great way to innovate! I’ve seen subscription boxes for physical things before, but never digital. So, just who is Just Add Blog best for?

Just Add Blog is perfect for any blogger! The monthly items vary. I’m sure that there are items in each box that may not be as useful for each and every blogging journey, but because of the broad scope of the items, bloggers are sure to find several useful things per box. Plus, each month one subscriber gets the Super Special Item for the month! Last month it was a blog branding session from LYL Designs worth $50!

How can people sign up for Just Add Blog?

Subscriptions can be purchased on the site ( They come in three sizes: 1-month ($10), 3-month ($25), or 6-month ($40).

Thanks Dara for replying to my questions! It was great talking to you and hearing your take on things from the lifestyle blogger/innovative entrepreneur perspective.

Over to you – have you felt like you were missing out because there weren’t any subscription boxes for your blog? Now there is! Go check it out!


Dara is a wife, mother, and blogger…not always in that order. When she isn’t busy making lists, you can find her at her blog ( or over at her subscription site ( or Instagram.

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Hi, I'm Cath

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