Group Board Boss

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Master Group Boards Like a Boss

They told you you need group boards to win at Pinterest.

So you thought you’d give it a go…

Slight problem:

How do you find good ones?

How do you get onto them?

How do you tell if the ones you are getting onto are any good?

And.. uh… what are you supposed to do with them now?

Group Board Boss


An ebook with a proven, step-by-step system to finding and health checking your group boards so you never waste another second pinning to a board that isn’t doing you any favors.

Forget trial and error, or worse, guessing and hoping your boards are working out.

With Group Board Boss you’ll:

  1. Have a simple strategy for finding the best group boards of your niche.
  2. Be able to judge with precision whether your boards are pulling their weight.



Group Boards can be a huge traffic booster… or it can be an iron chain wrapped around your Pinterest account dragging it into oblivion

Group Boards connect you with thousands of potential followers. There’s nothing more satisfying than receiving dozens of repins every time you pin to a group board and knowing that your pin is getting seen by people you don’t even know.

But, what if that’s not happening?

If you’re pinning, and nobody’s listening (aka repinning)… Pinterest is gonna notice.

They won’t say anything, but suddenly you aren’t getting quite so many impressions as before.

Your traffic drops.

And nobody’s returning your calls anymore (ok, just kidding on that last one).

Group Board Boss Solves Your Group Board Problem, For Good, By…

Helping You Find Boards Worth Joining
How much time could you save if you knew BEFORE applying whether a group showed signs of being any good or not?

Group Board Boss teaches you to find the best boards in your niche and some of the signs that might mean it isn’t as shiny on the inside as it looks from the outside.
Giving You the Tools to Health Check Your Group Boards

Have that sneaking suspicion your group boards aren’t doing you any good?

Group Board Boss gives you a proven strategy that makes the decision to stay or leave a cinch meaning you’ll fill your profile with boards that matter, and lose the deadweight.

Helping You Run A Group Board of Your Own

Have you ever thought about running your own group board?

Know exactly what you need to do to keep your group board one of the good ones, benefiting you and your collaborators.


You’re Three Steps Away From Mastering Group Boards

  1. Get Group Board Boss!
  2. Read Group Board Boss
  3. Implement the strategies in Group Board Boss to level up your group board game and get more traffic back to your blog.

But, don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what people are saying about Group Board Boss:

“Cath, I’ve always been confused about group boards. Which to join, which to leave, how to know what ones are effective. This ebook answered all the questions I had and I love that you broke it down to a tee. There’s nothing in here that’s vague. You give clear guidelines when to do what and you cover the whole spectrum on joining group boards, pinning to them and also leaving them if necessary. Thank you for this fabulous resource!”

“I pin to tons of group boards, but I’ve always wondered if I’m getting a good return on my time (and money!). I downloaded Cath’s book because I trust her advice on all things Pinterest, and I wanted to read her take on how to best use group boards. I loved her advice on how to find more group boards to join, what type of content to pin on group boards, and most importantly, how to use analytics to figure out which boards are helping me grow my blog and which boards I should leave! If you’re new to group boards on Pinterest, you need this book!”

Wait.. Who Are You And How Do You Know Stuff?

Oh, hai! I’m Cath.

I’m a Pinterest Manager Ninja.

I’m also a blogger, so I know firsthand the pain of trying to grow your Pinterest account with group boards and get traffic back to your blog.

Listen, I know you’re struggling with group boards. It’s tough, and confusing. But you don’t have to do it by yourself. Given the opportunity, I’d love to help you boost your Pinterest account by showing you how to take charge of your group boards.


  • Are you ready to slay the confusion over how to actually get onto group boards (the good ones)?
  • Are you ready to say goodbye to that sneaking feeling that your group boards aren’t getting you any repins or clicks?
  • Are you ready to learn how to use group boards to build your authority in your niche?

Here’s how we get started:

  1. Click that “I’m in! Let’s do this.” button
  2. Navigate the checkout
  3. Download your shiny new copy of Group Board Boss.
  4. Whip your group boards into shape and bask in the glory of knowing you’ve mastered group boards.

What if I hate it? Do you offer refunds?

I can promise you, you won’t hate it. But, on the rare chance you and I don’t see eye-to-eye on this one, a refund is yours if you want it. Just let me know within 14-days of purchasing.

I have another question that I want to ask you, that’s not listed here.

Sweet! Send me any and all questions to (just pop something about “Group Board Boss” in the subject line so I don’t miss it).

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