How to Become a LipSense & SeneGence Distributor (this stuff sells itself!)
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Want to stay home with the kids and still have a profitable business? SeneGence is the answer. LipSense is a hugely popular lipstick brand that is literally flying off the shelves. Lipstick that doesn't smudge or kiss off? Sign me up! Learn how to become a LipSense distributor in Australia (and get a free colour!)

If you’d told me a year ago that I’d join a direct sales company I would’ve given you the side eye and told you to go home, you’re drunk.

Yep. All things considered, I was pretty down on direct sales. Scarred for life by that awkward moment at the Tupperware party where you’re expected to sign yourself up for a party so that your friend (or family member) can get their hostess gift. Ugh, the pressure!

Which is why you might be surprised to know that I’m now an Independent Distributor for SeneGence products, including the famous (and SO fabulous) LipSense.

Say, what?!

Why I’m a LipSense Distributor in Australia

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ll know that I started looking online for an income so I could afford to be a stay at home mom to my little boy. It’s my hope that through my experiences (successes AND failures) I’ll be able to help other moms achieve their goals of being a stay at home mom too.

What I’ve noticed along the way is that a lot of moms try direct sales. In fact, moms are probably the biggest consumer and ‘taker-upper’ of ‘THE OPPORTUNITY’ of direct sales.

And a lot of moms fail with it.


Should I just ignore this? Or should I try direct sales and see what it takes to do it in a non-spammy, non-icky way?


Why I Chose SeneGence

When you choose a direct sales company, it needs to be one you believe in. You have to truly love the products or else it’s just going to feel forced and difficult.

For me, I was intrigued by the claims of LipSense – it’s smudge-proof (have you SEEN those smudge tests?!), eat-proof, kiss-proof, and lasts all day. Yikes! Sign me up!

As a non-die-hard lipstick wearer, it annoys me no end to have my lipstick wear off and start looking blah after an hour or two. I’m not even going to mention my most recent cheapo lipstick purchase which just stays wet and smudgy (and sticks to my teeth urk!).

The other thing that I love about SeneGence is the range of colours and the fact that the products are cruelty-free + vegan. Yay for being kind of animals!

Why Become a LipSense Distributor?

There are so many reasons to become a LipSense distributor, but here it is in a nutshell:

  • It only costs $55 to get started. That’s a cheap way to start a business any way you slice it.
  • You get 20-50% off all your orders. Some people sign up just to get the discount for themselves! This is important because once you try your first LipSense, you’ll probably want to try #allthecolours… and that gets expensive if you’re paying retail.
  • You can earn a car, free trips, and free product. SeneGence has a way generous compensation plan!
  • The company is growing fast (it’s only just getting started in Australia), which means loads of earning potential for those getting in now.
  • You have a sponsor to give you support and guidance and you’ll be part of a great team of ladies all working their business. You also get access to stellar training from your uplines who are KILLING it in this business.

Here’s an even bigger reason to become a LipSense Distributor today:


What does this mean (in plain English?)

Basically, you get a lot more product for your $$$. That’s a win! It’s perfect for making your first order, building a small stash, or… getting everything you want if you’re just in it for the discount!

That’s Great But… Show Me The Money

You want to know exactly what the compensation plan includes? Great! Here you go:

It costs $55 per year to be a LipSense distributor. There’re no other hidden fees or charges.

You instantly get 20-50% off retail by signing up (the level of discount depends on how much you’re purchasing at one time – either way you’re still getting a bigger discount than buying through a distributor.) You sell the product at retail, and you get to keep the difference.

How About Some Real Results?

Does this sound good, but you’re still not sure? Want to hear some actual, real-life results?

How about this:

I got my first order from social media (!) not even a WEEK after I started to promote my business. (And no, I don’t know this person!)

My upline McKinzie, got the car, a free trip to Costa Rica, brought her husband home from his soul-sucking job and moved out of a tiny two-bedroom apartment to a 5-bedroom home that’s perfect for their growing family.

If you become part of my team, I’ll share my best social media tips with you so you can get your business humming along in a way that feels good, and not spammy or icky. You’ll get comprehensive training on how to sell on social media so you don’t have to hustle your friends and family.

Ready to take that next step and become a LipSense distributor?


  1. Click on this link to go to SeneGence website.becomelipsensedistributor1
  2. Select your country from the drop down box. You can only sign up to be a distributor if you’re from USA, Canada or Australia.
  3. Make sure that my name, Catherine Oneissy, and my distributor ID #448268 appear as your sponsor.
  4. Choose Individual Account.
  5. Confirm that I’m your sponsor!


  • On the next screen, you’ll need to fill in your contact details.
  • If it asks for a fictitious business name, use your first and last name. That’s the name your cheques will be made out to.
  • Click that you want the new distributor package ($55!)
  • And you’re now officially a LipSense distributor! Welcome to the team!

Step 2

Once you’ve officially signed up, I’ll get an email letting me know and I’ll be in touch asap to help you get started and welcome you to the team. I’ll show you exactly where to find the resources you need to rock this business!

I look forward to talking to you more about your biz!

As a special welcome bonus, when you join my team and if you’re in Australia, I’ll send you a free LipSense colour when you make your first order!

Do you have any questions about becoming a LipSense distributor? Drop them below or email me on


Hi, I'm Cath

Hi, I'm Cath

Blogger. Freelance Writer & Pinterest Manager. Mom of one. Keeps me busy! I’m also a corporate escapee, determined to help moms create options so they can stay home with the little ones and contribute to the family finances.

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