4 Things to do After Publishing Your Blog Post - Catherine Oneissy

We left our hypothetical blogger (I mean, me) last time just as she hit publish…

If you’re brand new to blogging, you might think that this is where the story ends.

Blog post done, peace out. Time to chill.

Well, my friend, I’m here to tell you that this is just the beginning.

In fact, when you’re just getting started the very life or death of your blog depends on how hard you hit the promo trail.

So be relentless.

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1. Share on Social Media

  • Pin It
  • Tweet It
  • Facebook It (to my business Page)
  • Stumble It.
  • Optional – G+ it, Instagram it, get on Periscope or Snapchat… whatever other social media rocks your socks.

I basically just hit up my social media share buttons one by one. Nothing too exciting to see here!

If you were following my checklist of things to do before publishing, you should have your description populated when you pin to Pinterest.

You’ve got a special board for your blog posts, right? Pin to that. (If you’re new to Pinterest, check out my guide to getting started.)

I have IFTTT (If This Then That) set up to automatically post my new posts to my Facebook page. I’m not a big fan of Facebook pages – I think that the reach has been strangled too much. Which is why I do the bare minimum on Facebook and outsource my posting to IFTTT – but more on that a little later!

2. Schedule to Social Media

I use scheduling for:

  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

As a busy mom, automation is your friend.


I currently use Tailwind for Pinterest and IFTTT for Twitter and Facebook.

I recently upgraded my Tailwind account, and oh boy, has it had an effect. My stats have skyrocketed!  (click here to sign up for Tailwind and claim a 100 pin trial).

What I’ve started doing is scheduling my new blog post to go out to each of my Group boards in turn. One per day. I’m also pinning 100+ pins per day, which is also having a huge effect.


For Twitter automation, I use my Google Calendar linked to IFTTT. This awesome video from Suzi at Start a Mom Blog that shows you how to automate your tweets using IFTTT.

Yes, it’s a little technical. But, I’m a big fan of spending time to put the systems in place that will save you time in the future.

Plus, it’s free. What’s not to love?

I write out 3 tweets and add them to my Google calendar, using one of the uploaded tweets as a template. I like to have them tweet out one a day, but you may prefer to go more frequent. (Seriously, I’ve been keeping my eye on some bloggers and they tweet every 2 hours…)


I don’t like Facebook. The pages, I mean. The groups rock.

Facebook has spent a lot of time eroding your organic reach so that you almost have to pay to play.

I don’t like that. I’m bootstrapping here, and I don’t have the cash to splash on getting a few more eyeballs on any one blog post of mine.

All I use my Facebook page for is to share my recent blog post and occasionally other people’s content. Yes, I’m probably under utilizing it. But, I can’t be everywhere. Yet. 😉

To make it so simple I don’t even have to go on Facebook, I use IFTTT. Here’s my recipe:

IFTTT Facebook

I’ve linked my rss feed and my Facebook page. Any time I publish a new post, IFTTT posts it to Facebook. Neat, huh?

I’m really just getting started with IFTTT but I’m already amazed by it’s potential. Expect to hear more from me about IFTTT!

3. Always respond to comments

If you’re following my checklist of things to do before publishing your blog post, you should have finished up with a question, enticing your readers to respond.

So… hopefully you will start getting comments. Respond to them!

It’s always great when you can get a conversation going. It shows that you have an engaging and popular blog.

Also, its good for your SEO as Google sees your content being updated and it can add to the keywords you’re ranking for.

4. Promotion groups on Facebook

It’s really important for new bloggers to get their stuff out there. Maybe one day we’ll all be big enough that people stalk our page waiting for us to post so that they can jump in and be the first to comment…

Anyway, for those of us who haven’t quite made it yet, Facebook promotion groups are the answer to getting more interaction on our blogs.

Here’s my main problem with Facebook groups:

I’m a completionist.

You see, I feel the need to join every group, find all the stock photos and join every group board… While simultaneously signing up for and doing ALL THE THINGS.

It just isn’t possible for one person.


I’ve joined all the groups (almost) and I’ve come up with a humongous list. Want it? 😉 There’s around 400,000 people in these groups, so that’s a lot of potential eyeballs on your content 🙂

How do you use Facebook groups to drive engagement, traffic, shares and comments on your blog?

There are a couple of ways:

  • Introduction post – most groups will invite you to make an introductory post where you will be able to talk about your blog and link back to it.
  • Promotion Days – many groups have promotional days where you are welcome to post your latest blog post, on the proviso that you check out other group member’s stuff. Some groups have formalized this arrangement and require you to take action on all or a select number of posts.
  • Non-promotional days – I’m not all that great at this step myself. On non-promo days, get involved in the group. Offer value. Post about the content of your latest blog post. Become known as the person who gives great value. All the time. People will seek you out.


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My personal recommendations for using Facebook Groups:

  • join 5-10 groups to start with (keep things manageable)
  • consider avoiding follow for follow threads – yes, they boost your follower numbers, but if they aren’t targeted… what’s the point?
  • be careful not to over-commit. Some of the groups I’ve found get over 100 comments per thread and you are required to act on all of them… On the plus side – huge boost if you’ve got that many people acting on your content!
  • be ruthless when deciding whether something is worth your time. For example, I almost never participate in comment threads because the time it takes to write a good comment just isn’t worth the return.

After all this, you might wonder how long you should actually spend promoting your blog post.

If you’re a newer blogger, you could probably take what you think is a reasonable amount of time and double it. 🙂 Trust me. You probably aren’t promoting enough.

Some bloggers suggest you follow the 80/20 rule (spend 80% of your time promoting and 20% creating). Yes, this could mean spending 4+ hours promoting. It almost sounds ridiculous right? But, if you promote this hard you will see the results.

So how hard are you promoting your blog posts? Do you follow the 80/20 rule?

Hi, I'm Cath

Hi, I'm Cath

Blogger. Freelance Writer & Pinterest Manager. Mom of one. Keeps me busy! I’m also a corporate escapee, determined to help moms create options so they can stay home with the little ones and contribute to the family finances.

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